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Good Morning/Afternoon, Broncos fans! Newly elected HOF linebacker Dave Robinson thinks he has a solution to the league's head injury problems.

The legendary former Packer says his own late coach, Vince Lombardi, would never have stood for the head-to-head hits seen so often in today's game. He believes today's coaching is to blame, suggesting that NFL coaches don't teach proper tackling form because they never learned it themselves.

Robinson thinks a grassroots campaign must start at the youth football level, and he says Roger Goodell needs to go beyond fining and suspending players for helmet-to-helmet strikes:

"I would talk to Commissioner Goodell and explain to him that the heads-up thing they're doing is not right," he said. "When two guys are going at each other, making a tackle heads up, their helmets are not more than six or eight inches apart. That's much too close.

"The way I was taught, the guy's helmet would be down on the waist and the helmets would be two to three feet apart. That's how you limit the helmet to helmet."


Peyton Manning says the team is copying elements of the Patriots offense to best utilize Wes Welker's skills.

Andrew Mason looks ahead to the Week 6 home game versus Jacksonville; Q&A sessions with secondary assistant Sam Garnes and ST assistant Derius Swinton.

In his latest mailbag, Gray Caldwell predicts that Dan Koppen will be the starting center and that the team will carry only two quarterbacks, with either Zac Dysert or Ryan Katz landing on the practice squad.

Even Bill Will can't screw this up: Von Miller is clearly the Broncos' most important player who doesn't play quarterback.

Here's the segment on Manning from the NFLN Top 100 list, where Peyton came in at #2.


The NFL will not lend a hand in promoting enrollment in health insurance, which is only fitting, considering that the league doesn't give a shit about the healthcare of its own current and former players.

22 of the 32 teams have announced their start dates for training camp.

Former Jet Erik Ainge says he once destroyed cellphone video evidence of a prior streaking job by Buttfumble.


Racist assholes like Geraldo Rivera think the NFL is overrun with criminals, but the 30th anniversary of Joe Delaney's tragic, yet heroic death stands as a fine counterpoint.

Bucky Brooks's list of wideouts he thinks could improve significantly in 2013 are Michael Floyd, Alshon Jeffery, Rueben Randle, and Austin Pettis.

Drew Magary offers some highly accurate monikers to which Dan Snyder can change his name.

Over at KSK, a greatest hits collection from the NFL's most notorious criminals.


The numbers don't support claims that the Broncos field better people than do the Patriots, as the Broncos have had the third most arrests since 2000, and more than double (35) what the Pats have had (15).

Chase Stuart is back with some more fine trivia, this time a two-parter involving passing yardage leaders and SB titles, plus winners of the SB, SB MVP, and league MVP in the same year (Terrell Davis did that over a two-year period).

PFF's Mike Clay shares an overwhelming amount of information toward trying to improve upon redzone receiving data.

John Clayton again reminds us why writers like him should never cite statistics of any kind, this time by picking a completely arbitrary benchmark to discuss NFL salary trends. Hey Professor, why not track $5.95M/year contracts, or $6.14M/deals?

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