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We interrupt your regularly-scheduled programming for some frightening news from SAF@MH:

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Have you locked your screen doors, blocked those nefarious sales calls, and put your household cleaning products out of the reach of your children?

Obviously, we feel badly for the ticketholders in Section 306 - after all, who wants to pay $250 a head to literally get pooped on? It's a terrible deal for them, and the response from the guy in charge of stadium maintenance is rather pathetic.

But at the same time, the way that segment was produced, you'd think there was some sort of life-altering event going on at the stadium. This is why local news is never viewed in the Lee household, and never will be. There's enough to worry about in life as it is, and all local newscasts do are overdramatize everything and make you live life in fear of everything you see or touch.

/dismount soapbox

JK, my soapbox follows me around wherever I go. Just ask the Jets fans at work who said Teebs was a big reason their team won on Sunday...


C.J. Davis, who had been cut to make room for Dan Koppen, was signed to the practice squad yesterday.

When re-signing Caleb Hanie, the Broncos gave the veteran QB the $250K roster bonus they had promised him in his original deal with the team; doing so is apparently an unusually generous move. As expected, Koppen will be paid 16/17 of the $825K minimum ($776,470.59) for a player of his experience.

Monday night's game will be a homecoming for former Yellow Jacket and Falcon Keith Brooking and several key Broncos.

Matt Bowen hits up the new All-22 film to break down the Levels concept as used by the Broncos and Peyton Manning, who of course executed it to perfection in Indy.

John Elway and Chris Hall produced their first weekly podcast with the Duke providing answers to fan questions.

Jeff Legwold reiterates the themes of the week in Broncos Land: that the team needs to be able to run the ball well to thrive offensively, and the defense must perform better on third down. Plus, he dreams of a Bears/Patriots Super Bowl, and the Cutler/McDaniels Media Week that would precede it.

Both Denver and Atlanta lost key defenders for the season in Ty Warren and Brent Grimes, so Week 2 will be the first test of their replacements.

Among Nate Jahnke's observations is that Wesley Woodyard was dominant in defending the run on Sunday.

The Broncos' game day program last week featured this cover story on Demaryius Thomas and Q&As with Joe Mays and WR coach Tyke Tolbert.


Matt Ryan says Julio Jones can be as good as any WR in football, which we'll interpret as meaning he's good enough to get shut down by Champ Bailey.

Needing to find something to criticize in a 40-24 road win, the Falcons say they're not pleased with how they ran the ball against the Chiefs.

PFW's Dan Parr thinks the size of Jones and fellow receiver Roddy White could present a problem for Tracy Porter. FWIW, in two matchups against Atlanta last year, Porter allowed seven catches on ten throws, for 83 yards, no touchdowns, and only 17 yards of YAC, with one pass defensed. In 2010, he allowed them six catches on eight passes, for 85 yards and a touchdown. In 2009, Porter allowed five receptions on ten attempts for 62 yards in only one game, picking off Ryan once. He didn't play in pass coverage against Atlanta in 2008. Of course, all data is via PFF.

AFC West

Chargers CB Quentin Jammer will likely play with a cast on his broken hand against the Titans; RB Ryan Mathews and LT Jared Gaither did not practice and don't appear likely to play. Either way, there's a good chance the game will be blacked out in San Diego, despite the team honoring the late Junior Seau and retiring his number. Normally we laugh at Chargers blackouts, but in this case, it would be a real shame for San Diegans to miss the Seau tribute. Kevin Grauel previews the matchup for PFF.

In addition to signing Travis Tripucka to their 53-man roster, Oakland made three pairs of practice squad transactions.

In evaluating Chiefs QB Matt Cassel, Nolan Nawrocki sees an accurate and intelligent passer hampered by a low release point, lack of mobility, and iffy decision-making.


In RG3, John Madden sees a player just like Tim Tebow, except that he can actually throw the ball; the original Fat Man even admits to thinking on Sunday that Griffin may be the best player in the NFL. Meanwhile, Chris Brown shows us how Shanny has blended his own playbook with that of Baylor's to help Griffin thrive.

Roger Goodell is taking no sides in the gay-marriage debate, but he will of course stand up for NFL players and their freedom of speech, not that he has a choice. David Simon, creator of The Wire, and Ravens season-ticket holder, wrote in support of Brendan Ayanbadejo's statement for marriage equality and promised to double his ticket purchases if Baltimore ever acquires Chris Kluwe. (via Deadspin and NYT)

In the Ginger Hammer's handling of the Saints bounty scandal, Mike Tanier is reminded in many ways of the Roman Empire.

Bill Barnwell was stunned by the effectiveness of the Jets offensive line and of Mark Sanchez throwing behind it.

Stefan Fatsis thinks it's time the NFL revert to the old post-missed-FG ball placement, in order to encourage more long attempts.

Mike Silver has Denver sixth in his weekly rankings, while Chase Stuart predicts the Broncos will win ten games, based upon their Week 1 showing.

Unsilent Majority captionizes Week 1 action; Burnsy photoshopped Aaron Rodgers into some Niners jerseys since he backed out of a bet he lost.


Now that he's reunited with his BFF BMarsh, J-Cutty is talking smack to the Packers they'll be facing tonight; as Tanier explains, Mike Tice chose to go max-protect for Jay in Week 1, a vast departure from Mike Martz's ineffective use of his players.

If you happened to "miss" the NFLN special on Teebs last night like we did, you'll be pleased to know they're airing a show on Saturday night called Top 10 Things We Love About Tim Tebow. Cue up the DVRs!

In-game win probabilities, like the ANS charts we include in our open threads each week, offer not only the proper perspective on just how great or small a single play's impact is, but they can also serve gamblers well.

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