Running game 2009

The Sporting News daily recently ran a ‘Scout's Views' article that listed the top 20 running backs for 2009. For those who feel that the Broncos don't appear on the major sports media radar, it will be no surprise that Knowshon Moreno, although he will be aided by Peyton Hillis, didn't even make the list. Chris ‘Beanie' Wells managed to sneak in at #20, but no info was given as to why him rather than Moreno.

Granting my own prejudice, it's hard for me to believe that of the 32 teams in the NFL, the Broncos' primary running back will snarfle in at #21. With a revolving door of back-ups and practice squad refugees, the Broncos running game still managed to rank at #12. You might want to notice that McDaniels has said, several times recently, something about how Knowshon Moreno could be used as a primary back. Is he hinting or just putting up a smokescreen?

Only time will tell, but for most fans it's a win/win situation. I still find myself drooling when I consider how the defenses will feel after an afternoon of getting hammered relentlessly by Moreno, Hillis and company behind our offensive line. While we can pardse the total numbers, yards per carry and situational employment of the running game from last year, only the very dim would argue that it's likely that the 2009 rushing attack would be anything other than a huge improvement.

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