Romo gets his deal Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Friday's big news was another massive quarterback contract, this time an extension in Dallas for Tony Romo.

Joe Flacco and Tom Brady were the first passers to get big contracts, and Aaron Rodgers is reportedly nearing agreement on one with Green Bay.

Romo will reportedly be paid $57M over the next three seasons as part of what's being called a six-year deal worth $108M.

As might be expected, news of the deal prompted plenty of hyperbolehandwringing, and jealousy, but its parameters are right in line with the established precedent of the QB market.


Jason La Canfora says the Broncos may be interested in free-agent corner Antoine Winfield.

Brent New goes over some of Denver's potential draft options at linebacker.


CB Terence Newman is staying in Cincinnati on the cheap (of course, being that it's Cincinnati), reportedly accepting less than the Raiders had offered him.

Buffalo has re-signed RB Tashard Choice, is said to be interested in QB Kevin Kolb (as is Oakland), and they will reportedly work out USC QB Matt Barkley.

Like LB Victor Butler before him, DE Kenyon Coleman has followed DC Rob Ryan from Dallas to New Orleans.

Chicago will retain QB Josh McCown and added LOLJets G Matt Slauson, who finally says he regrets the dirty block that ended the season of Texans LB Brian Cushing.

Teams are interested in Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw but are apparently shying away so far due to his perceived fragility.

New Eagles LB Connor Barwin provided one of the better thank-you newspaper ads ever to mark his departure from Houston, and he won't buy the notion that a gay teammate would be much of a distraction.

Former Niners and Raiders lineman Kwame Harris says that during his playing career, he didn't think it feasible to come out as gay, but he now wishes he had been courageous enough to have done so. Either way, it's commendable that he's willing to openly discuss his own feelings and experiences, and we hope this will contribute to others finding their own happiness sooner than later.

Concluding today's rundown on homophobia and acceptance in the NFL, former Commish Paul Tagliabue will present a much deserved award to Brendon Ayanbadejo and Chris Kluwe to honor their public support for equality.


Chase Stuart is working toward setting a baseline value for NFL players akin to the replacement level for MLB players that is the basis of WAR metrics. Payoff may be very far down the road on this one, but it's a fascinating thought experiment, and one that will at the very least spur some great discussion (with the glaring exception of the figuring-out-why-stuff-happens-metrics hating element).

In evaluating the Texans, Andy Benoit sees a team hampered by the limitations of QB Matt Schaub, and the lack of WR talent behind Andre Johnson.

Bucky Brooks updates his top fifty big board; Doug Farrar evaluates LSU DE Sam Montgomery.

Scott Kacsmar applies his usual exhaustive research to examining how SB champs have built their receiving corps.

ESPN's Sports Science crew is hoping to develop some drills that take the variable of drops and poor routes by receivers out of the equation, and thus encourage QB prospects to throw at combine.

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