Revis gets big bucks but no guarantees from Bucs, who give LOLJets #13 pick, conditional 2014 pick

It took a while, but the LOLJets finally dealt star cornerback Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay on Sunday.

Every party got what they wanted - that is, unless Revis was looking for a hefty guarantee as part of a new contract. Shockingly, the 27-year old will get absolutely nothing guaranteed, but his deal is worth $96M over six years.

Granted, the Bucs gave up Thursday's #13 pick, plus a 2014 fourth-rounder which becomes a third-rounder if Revis is on their roster on the third day of the 2014 league year, so there's zero chance they cut him this season.

Revis's salary each year will be $13M, plus a $1.5M roster bonus due on the third day of each league year, and a $1.5M annual workout bonus. Functionally, this is a one-year deal worth $16M, and the Bucs hold a $16M option on Revis for each of the subsequent five years, with that third day of each league year the annual decision point for whether to keep him around. Given these terms, it's likely safe to say Revis's days of holding out for more cash are over, at least for as long as he stays in Tampa.

There's plenty to consider beyond the contract details, of course - GM John Idzik has established once and for all that he's in full rebuilding mode, while Sexy Rexy is an even lamer duck than he was yesterday morning, no matter how much tough talk he offers on a Sunday in late April.

The LOLJets have now replaced 12 of their 2012 starters, and that number is likely to grow again within the next year.

Octodad fared quite well in Revis's absence last season, but he's still disappointed to lose his on-field partner.

Some argue that this is the latest in a long string of blunders by Sticks Johnson & Co., but what's the justification for a laughingstock team like New Jersey to pay a cornerback like he's an elite quarterback?

As for why the LOLJets waited so long to make this deal, perhaps they were hoping another team would enter the fray and start a bidding war with the Bucs. Alas, that never happened.

Meanwhile, Tampa is clearly headed in the opposite direction, and this trade will provide them with plenty of schematic flexibility on defense.

What's indisputable is that the Glazers can no longer be accused of excessive frugality, as they opened their checkbook quite widely to upgrade their woeful secondary, with the Revis acquisition coming on the heels of their signing of top free-agent safety Dashon Goldson.

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