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Happy Tuesday, friends.  Doug is indisposed today, so you're stuck with me.  It's important that the Daily Lard stay daily, so watch as I mail this one in.  Really, it's because my Google reader isn't set up with all the good sites.  I bet it's still better than the auto-generated links dump that you get at MHR, though, and we'll never, ever link to Bleacher Report.  Okay?  Okay.

Words from the DP 

Jeff Legwold is about a week late to the party in debating with himself, via both the Rolodex and quotes obtained by other media sources, whether the NFL has gone too far with its rule changes.  The money shot:

It might be the biggest collision the NFL has to offer these days.

Compelling stuff, Jeff.

And he's not even finished, folks.  Jeff Legwold is back with some more of that insight and analysis that only he can bring to the table.  Two pearls in one day!  In this one, he reports that the Broncos still have high hopes for Julius Thomas fulfilling his potential.  The Broncos would like to see Thomas improve.  Who'da thunk it?

This dude was on fire yesterday.  Legwold checks in again, noting that college pro days are almost over.  Today, the draft-eligible players from Texas and Notre Dame will try to show out. More wordsmithing from the Legmeister:

And certainly the headliner, at least if Twitter is the measuring stick, at Notre Dame will be linebacker Manti Te'o, who will try to improve on a balky 4.81 clocking in the 40-yard dash at the scouting combine.

When is Twitter not the measuring stick?  All in all, this is one of the better Legwold articles you'll read.  As Bill Williamson might say, it's a decent overview of the pro days to come this week.

From Mike Klis, there's an article about big corners.  The stuff from Pete Carroll is worthwhile; the main thrust of the article from Klis, that the Broncos had some recent epiphany because the Seahawks had some success, and now want big corners for that reason, is a lot of crap.  Everybody has always known that taller, longer cornerbacks are preferable, if you can find guys who can run and bend and change direction well enough.  The reason that they're rare is that the whole skill set is hard to find in taller players.

Just because a guy like Klis just made a realization doesn't mean that it was new to the Broncos too.  I can just see him pestering somebody in the organization, like, did Seattle's success make you want to find bigger CBs, and that source giving him some generic platitudes.  He also has more nonsense about big RBs.

(Saint) Elsewhere

Mike Florio unveils the worst bit of mockery I've ever seen at PFT.  What a piece of crap.

Meanwhile, he's advancing Ian Rapoport's speculation that the Saints may make a big push for Dwight Freeney.  I wonder why reporters would be trying to suggest that there's a multi-team market for Freeney?  Who would have ever put that thought in their heads?

Russ Lande has a better pro day article than the decent one that I linked from Legwold above.

Bill Williamson has some typically wishy-washy drivel about how the Raiders want to cut Carson Palmer, but don't want to cut Carson Palmer.  I suspect that somebody in the Raiders building understands the fundamental concept that sunk costs (i.e. the draft picks the Raiders traded for Palmer) are irrelevant to the decisions of today, even if Bill doesn't.

Billy also ranks the top 10 free agent acquisitions in the AFCW, including Wes Welker (#1), Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (#3), Louis Vasquez (#5), and Terrance Knighton (#6).

Chase Stuart finds that the Broncos ranked 19th in the NFL at drafting effectiveness from 2000 to 2007.  Is anybody surprised?

Khaled Elsayed reviews the second round of the 2008 Draft, five years later.  He says that Eddie Royal got "McDaniel'd," but I'd say he never learned how to beat zone coverage from the slot.  He also notes that Woody Paige favorite Jordon Dizon of the Colorado Buffaloes didn't make any impact at all in the NFL.  Woody, like all Grand Poobah columnists, loves to stump for the local guys to be drafted by the pro team, but I can think of much better places than Boulder to find NFL talent.

Nate Davis at USA Today has a bit of mockery for you.  It makes much more sense than Florio's did.

Brendon Ayanbadejo thinks that baseball will have an openly gay player before football or basketball, because he thinks that religion is less pervasive in baseball than the other sports.  Cue the bitching in the comments, and cue me ignoring that bitching.

Terrance Newman evidently thinks his agent has been dicking the Dogra.

Pat Kirwan talks about how to quantifiably tell if a player is explosive, and lists the leaders in the 2013 draft class.  DT Star Lotulelei stands out as the best combination of tested explosiveness and on-film production.

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