Report: Seahawks tried to dump Percy Harvin on Broncos

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Percy Harvin trade remains front and center on this Sunday.

Incredibly, the conditional 2015 pick the Jets will send to Seattle tops out at a fourth-rounder.

It had first been reported by John Clayton that the pick could be as high as a second-rounder.

But the combination of Harvin's apparent toxicity and the nature of in-season trades must have factored in.

Obviously, Seattle was desperate to rid themselves of their talented but troublesome playmaker.

According to the Daily News, GM John Schneider spoke to Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and Cincy about Harvin before sending him to the Jets.

And per Ian Rapoport, Schneider even tried dumping his problem onto the Broncos and Colts.

Well, that's one way to keep a team from avenging your SB victory - poison their locker room.

Acquiring Harvin would also have eaten up much of Denver's remaining cap space, so there were several reasons for the team to avoid a move.

Sure, they could use some help in their return game, and every offense - even Denver's could use Harvin's electric skills.

But the potential costs - to locker room and offensive chemistry, to current and future salary caps - are just too high.

Keep in mind, whatever space Denver has now - around $10M - can be rolled toward 2015, when the team will face the possibility of losing Demaryius and Julius Thomas, Chris Harris, and/or Terrance Knighton.


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