Report: NFL personnel viewed Ray Rice video in April

An anonymous law enforcement official tells the AP that he sent the Ray Rice elevator video to the NFL in April:

The official played The Associated Press a 12-second voicemail from an NFL office number on April 9 confirming the video arrived. A female voice expresses thanks and says: "You're right. It's terrible."

When apprised of the AP report, NFL head flack Brian McCarthy perpetuated the league's string of denial:

"We have no knowledge of this," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Wednesday. "We are not aware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw the video before it was made public on Monday. We will look into it."

Of course, Roger Goodell made the same claim during an interview with Norah O'Donnell of CBS that was aired earlier on Wednesday:

No one in the NFL, to my knowledge, and I had been asked that same question and the answer to that is no. We were not granted that. We were told that was not something we would have access to. On multiple occasions, we asked for it. And on multiple occasions we were told no. I understand that there may be legal restrictions on them sharing that with us. And we've heard that from attorneys general and former attorneys general.

Meanwhile, it was reported on Wednesday evening that the Ravens organization was aware that Rice's lawyer possessed the video, but they did not request to see it.

At some point, someone who works for the NFL or Ravens is going to have to tell the truth.

The charade is up, assholes.

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