Report: More Incognito accusers may emerge

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Tonight's forecast is for temperatures in the thirties, with low humidity and winds in the single digits.

If attending tonight's game, you'll have some nice, crisp weather, and shouldn't need too many layers.

But you may want to bring your earplugs, this and every week.

According to auditory experts, people should only be exposed to the average noise level of an NFL game for 60 minutes at a clip.

And with games going longer than ever - especially during a nighttime telecast like tonight - fans at Broncos/Chiefs figure to face around 3.5 times that.

We've likely all exited stadiums, arenas, and concert venues with our ears ringing, a sort of badge of honor.

Yet, the damage can be irreversible, and cumulative, as the article says.

So, scream your heads off tonight, Broncos fans. But before you do so, you might want to plug those ears up.


We've questioned the strength of KC's schedule in many ways already, but here's another: as noted by Joan Niesen, most of the Chiefs' whopping sack total has come against the worst pass-blocking teams, according to PFF.

In their prior matchups, Britton Colquitt has been bettered by his older brother, Dustin.

Winston Justice, who owns a coffee shop in Philly and is a passionate surfer, sounds like a pretty cool dude.

Ron Jaworski and his staffers are unable to discern the blitz keys that Peyton Manning finds when checking into those devastating WR screens.

Paul Klee addresses the Peyton/cold weather meme, with some help from Scott Kacsmar; Woody Paige expects a big night from Knowshon Moreno.


As the KC Star discovers, the Chiefs don't have a total stranglehold on the state of Kansas, which apparently includes some Broncos Land within it.

In light of Dwayne Bowe's recent arrest, Sam Mellinger considers the always fun marijuana legalization debate.

Meanwhile, Vahe Gregorian says the Chiefs have been well-constructed by GM John Dorsey to overcome such a distraction.


Just two weeks after his mini-stroke, Gary Kubiak will return to coach Houston from the press box; his team will not face Terrelle Pryor, whose knee injury has forced Oakland to go with undrafted rookie Matt McGloin.

Miami center Mike Pouncey will not play today against San Diego, due to an illness that sent him to the hospital on Friday.

The league is indeed expected to suspend Indy linebacker Erik Walden for his Thursday night headbutt of Titans TE Delanie Walker, whose helmet he had ripped off.

Brett Favre says he's glad he only has daughters, because he wouldn't want to face the possibility of having a son play football and pay the physical tolls he himself is experiencing.


Doesn't it figure that Richie Incognito's grievance against the Dolphins goes after Jonathan Franklin? Perhaps one last bit of torment?

Incognito's wall of support in the Miami locker room is apparently not as strong as has been presented publicly, as Jason Cole reports that two other teammates may speak with NFL investigator Ted Wells about having been threatened/extorted/bullied by Incognito.

Several retired Broncos say rookie hazing rituals like those in Miami are just a rite of passage in the NFL; Alfred Williams says he paid $10K toward a dinner as a Bengals rookie in 1991 (!).


Ashley Fox credits Rex Ryan for having turned the Jets around.

After a string of early (and perhaps lucky) wins by AFC squads, NFC teams have been dominating interconference play.

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