Report: Broncos to approach Elway; McDaniels releases statement

Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network is reporting that the Broncos will speak with John Elway about a potential position within their front office. According to Lombardi's sources, current Texans coach and former Denver offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak (also Elway's longtime backup QB) would be Pat Bowlen's first choice to replace Josh McDaniels should Kubiak be relieved of his duties in Houston.

McDaniels, who was fired earlier today, released the following statement:

I am very grateful to Pat Bowlen and the Broncos' organization for giving me the opportunity to be the head coach of such a proud franchise. I would like to thank all of the people who helped us over the last two years. I am especially appreciative of the efforts of every player, coach and member of the personnel department who worked so hard every day. I wish Pat Bowlen and the Broncos' organization nothing but the best in the future.

UPDATE 12:15AM ET According to Denver's 9NEWS, Bowlen and Elway dined Monday night at the local restaurant bearing the latter's name. No word on what they discussed...

McDaniels is owed almost $7 million over the balance of his contract, which runs through the 2012 season. There is speculation that the Broncos may attempt to withhold that money under a morals clause after the team's recent videotaping scandal. Denver is already paying Mike Shanahan approximately $7 million not to coach their team between this season and next. Barring a successful voiding of McDaniels' deal, the Broncos will be paying three separate men for one head coaching position in 2011.

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