Report: Bears to hire John Fox

According to Jason Cole, John Fox is expected to get the head job in Chicago, where he'll have a quarterback more appropriate for handing the ball off, punting, kicking short field goals (better than those end zone interceptions, amirite Jay?), and not audibling.*

While Fox's split from Denver was officially termed a "parting of ways" which would suggest a mutual decision and ripping up of his contract, it's been suggested elsewhere that Fox was still owed the balance of his contract.

If the latter is true, then obviously, Fox taking the Chicago job would let Denver off the hook for his 2015 and 2016 salaries.

* On Sunday, Phil Simms noted that Peyton Manning had recently been checking out of plays at the LOS far less often than he used to. Any guesses as to who directed that, and which two people might have been upset about it (Hint: they have three SB rings between them)?

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