Report: Bears looking to move the other Brandon Marshall

Now that he's had the pleasure of coaching the younger, cheaper, and less dramatic Brandon Marshall in Denver, John Fox isn't too interested in the other one. According to the Tribune's Brad Biggs, Foxy's Bears are looking to dump wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his $7.5M salary.

Per Biggs, Chicago would reportedly expect a mid-round pick in exchange for the mercurial soon-to-be 31-year old, whose salary become fully guaranteed next Thursday, March 12.

It's not said whether Chicago would cut Marshall if they're unable to find a trade partner, but that's often the alternative with cases like this. Kansas City is in a similar situation with Dwayne Bowe, although Bowe's a lesser player than Marshall and has a higher salary.

Earlier in the offseason, Fox was noncommittal in speaking about BMarsh's BFF Jay Cutler. Of course, Fox arrived in Denver four years ago with the benefit of the prior coach having already cleared Cutler and Marshall out. This time around, they're his problem to deal with.

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