Report: 49ers, Raiders, Bills interested in Shanahans as package deal

It turns out that Mike Shanahan and son Kyle may not be competing for head coaching positions, after all. According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, the 49ers, Raiders, and Bills are interested in the Shanahans as a package deal, with Kyle coordinating the offense for head coach Mike.

Kyle is currently the Browns OC, so Cleveland would need to let him out of the last year on his deal if he were to again team up with his dad. The Niners and Bills have requested head coaching interviews with Mini Shanny, but as Mike Florio suggests, that may be a cover for their real plans to hire father and son together.

After things fell apart in Washington, it was rumored that Kyle had decided never to work for his dad again. But hey, if the elder Shanahan is willing to interview with the son of the Crypt Keeper, then anything is possible.

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