Report: 2014 Salary cap to approach $130M

There's some great news out of the NFL today, as the salary cap will reportedly jump to around $130M in 2014.

Expectations had been for a cap of approximately $126M, and teams had apparently been preparing for such a number.

What could this mean for Denver? It's hard to say.

In theory, there should be an across the board increase of about 3% for all contracts, spreading the wealth around to every player who signs a new deal.

Of course, there's a good chance it mostly impacts the top players, meaning someone like Eric Decker gets an even bigger deal from someone.

Ideally for a team like the Broncos, having another $4M to play with could mean adding an extra impact starter, or perhaps two or three key veterans (ie. this year's versions of Shaun Phillips and Charles Woodson).

To put this into clearer terms, $4M in cap terms was enough in 2013 for the Broncos to pay both Demaryius Thomas ($2.6M) and Phillips ($1.4M). It nearly covered Wes Welker's figure ($4.15M), and it more than accounted for Louis Vasquez ($3.25M) plus any one of Julius Thomas, Chris Harris, or Danny Trevathan.

In 2014, $4M will cover the cap numbers of Terrance Knighton ($2.75M), Malik Jackson ($623K), and Trevathan ($596K).

On the other end of the value spectrum, $4M is barely enough to pay Matt Prater ($3.8M) or Britton Colquitt ($3.25M) in 2014.

Obviously, there will probably be many articles today ranking which teams and players stand to benefit most from the rising cap. Obviously, this increase will help anyone and everyone, as it's a league-wide change.

When it comes down to it, though, the higher cap number will provide the biggest boost to teams that are effective at managing their caps.

And few teams have done a better job than the Broncos under John Elway.

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