Relative to 2014 results, Broncos face 10th hardest schedule in 2015

We tend not to put much stock into strength of schedule based upon prior seasons. But it's a figure we all get bludgeoned with throughout the year, so it's pretty much impossible to ignore completely. Anyway, here goes:

Denver's 2015 strength of schedule as measured by opponents' winning percentages is .541, which is the 10th highest figure in the league.

Among likely AFC contenders, Cincy is second (.563), KC is seventh at .545 (tied with Oakland), Baltimore is a tick below Denver at .539. San Diego is 16th (.518), New England is 22nd (.477), and Indy (.416) faces the second "easiest" schedule in the league.

In addition to its customary AFCW matchups, Denver hosts New England, Green Bay, Baltimore, Cincy, and Minnesota. They'll visit Indy, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago.

FWIW, Denver was supposed to have the second hardest schedule in the league in 2014. SRS says Denver tied for the fourth most difficult slate, but per AFA, 17 teams faced a stiffer test.

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