Ravens to become 90s Broncos East?

Good Morning, Broncos fans, and welcome to Super Bowl week! The Broncos and Seahawks arrived in New Jersey yesterday and met with the press in the evening.

Once at the podium, Peyton Manning and Champ Bailey were each asked about whether they plan to retire.

It has not seemed a strong possibility that either player would hang 'em up, even if the Broncos add a third Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, but it's a natural question, given the players' advanced ages.

Neither player provided a crystal clear answer, with Manning saying he "certainly want(s) to continue to keep playing," and Bailey adding that he's "not really thinking about retiring."

But it's incredibly difficult to envision either one walking away after Sunday, and what Peyton said is apparently good enough for the DP to declare that he'll definitely be back.

The bigger question remains Bailey's $10M cap number for 2014, and the ability of the Broncos to absorb such a figure with several large bills coming due. Obviously, we'll be discussing that issue ad nauseum come the offseason.

Whatever happens, he's got at least one more game in orange, and it's the biggest of all.

Broncos News

Videos: BTV on Denver's arrival; John Fox (transcript), Peyton Manning, Champ BaileyWes Welker, and the other team captains (transcript) speak with the press; a weird movie-trailer-style clip from NFL Films on Manning and the SB.

Matt Prater hasn't fully recovered from his flulike symptoms, but he'll practice Monday afternoon and says he expects to be 100% in the next day or two.

The presence of Texas Tech alums Wes Welker, Louis Vasquez, and Manny Ramirez on the team has made the Broncos popular in Lubbock, TX.

Since his arrival in Denver, Peyton Manning has been slightly more efficient while wearing a glove on his throwing hand.

Dave Krieger says to expect Champ Bailey to move inside when Denver uses its nickel package, as he did against New England.


Richard Sherman reflects upon his week in the NFL's spotlight. We know he doesn't think very highly of Michael Crabtree, but Sherman says Demaryius Thomas is among the top five receivers in the game.

Safety Kam Chancellor doesn't talk as much as Sherman, but he sure does like to hit.

Although Seattle's defense generates a lot of pressure, its offensive line allows a ton of it to reach Russell Wilson.

Matt Bowen offers up an All-22 breakdown of Marshawn Lynch and Seattle's running game.

Gordon McGuinness shines the light on some of Seattle's lesser known cogs.

Vince Verhei sees deep passing as the key to softening Seattle's secondary.

Mike Tanier says Seattle's defense is so good that most of the league's current starting QBs could have gotten them to this point.

Hawk Blogger offers some thoughts on the Broncos and isn't sure that DT Red Bryant will play as much as usual on Sunday.

SB 48

Chase Stuart sees more statistical reasons to think this matchup is among the greatest in football history.

Chris Burke and Doug Farrar look at how the Broncos and Seahawks went about acquiring the players currently on their rosters.

Matt Crossman revisits the old AFCW rivalry between Denver and Seattle.

Judy Battista and John Clayton preview the week ahead; Mike Tanier drums up ways to make SB week even more ridiculous than it already is.


The forecasts (AccuweatherWeather Channel/Weather Underground) for Sunday currently say it'll be cold and breezy but with a decreasing chance of snow. There's little doubt that it will be the coldest SB ever.

Given the tough guy image he embraces, it sure is odd to see Mike Ditka say it's "stupid" to play a SB in cold weather.

Dan Wetzel reminds Ditka and others that football is the one sport that is meant to be played in all conditions.


HOFer Rayfield Wright is finally speaking up about his dementia and decades long battle with the effects of concussions.

Miami hired Bucs personnel man Dennis Hickey as their new GM, but it's unclear whether Hickey or coach Joe Philbin will have final say on personnel.

Gary Kubiak is reportedly the favorite to land the Baltimore OC job, potentially with Rick Dennison and Mini Shanny as his top underlings. This feels so very wrong.

Not that it would have been enough reason to watch the game (did anyone who wasn't paid to do so actually tune in?), but yesterday's Pro Bowl at least featured some nice Phil Rivers Schadenfreude.


Peter King thinks it's a big deal that Peyton Manning has never faced any of Seattle's defensive backs during the regular season or playoffs, that Adam Gase was wise to turn down the Browns, and that Josh McDaniels deserves more credit for his role in where the Broncos are now. As for that first point, we can be sure that Manning is taking at least something from the teams' preseason meeting.

PFF's Steve Palazzolo discusses key performances from the Senior Bowl.

PFT Commenter has developed a new iPhone app for NFL players too drunk to drive.

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