Ravens round out 2013 home opponents

Thanks to their having clinched the AFCN on Sunday, the Ravens will have the misfortune of seeing the Broncos again next year, and even worse (for them), they'll be traveling to Denver for the rematch.

In addition to the AFCW teams, Denver will host Jacksonville, Tennessee, Philly, Washington, and Baltimore. They'll head to the road for matchups with the G-Men, Cowboys, Texans, Colts, and Patriots.

There are lots of apparently tough road matchups on the slate, but the flip side is that the Broncos have PMFM and Von Miller, and are the biggest challenge facing all of those teams.

Also, at least five games (KC and SD twice, Philly) will, and as many as nine (Oakland? Jacksonville? Tennessee?) could, be against teams with new head coaches.

We already covered the implications of most of these matchups a few weeks ago.

But more recent news adds another element of intrigue to one of the 2013 home games.

How awesome would a PMFM vs. Ultimate Teammate™ matchup in Denver be? Of course, it just has to take place early enough in the season for the Jaguars to not have given up on their lefty who throws like he's a righty...

Which 2013 storyline are you most excited about?

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