Rapoport: 49ers will re-interview Adam Gase on Tuesday

According to Ian Rapoport, the 49ers will interview Adam Gase on Tuesday for a second time. Presumably, they'll do their damnedest to keep Gase from walking out the door and entertaining a Dove Valley promotion.

In San Francisco, Gase would be tasked with reviving the career of Colin Kaepernick, and he'd be working for this dipsy doodle (can you imagine a 34-year-old owner and 36-year-old head coach together?). 

If he stays in Denver, he'd be reporting to someone who's apparently too demanding for John Fox's tastes. But he'd potentially get another year with Peyton Manning, and if not, then he'd get to continue coaching Brock Osweiler, whom he's been working with for three years now.

Granted, the choice may not be Gase's, and it's never that simple, but what happens in Santa Clara tomorrow may tell us a whole lot about Denver's and Manning's futures.

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