Raiders plan to host Chuck Wood Lard

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Thursday was a very busy day around the AFCW, especially in Oakland and San Diego.

The Raiders are scheduled to host Charles Woodson on Tuesday, if his free-agent status isn't resolved by then. Steve Corkran figures that Oakland sees Woodson as a potential starter at free safety, so they could hold an edge over the Broncos relative to playing time, which is no small matter.

Neil Hornsby says Chuck has missed too many tackles in recent years but is still a pretty good player, and he thinks Dallas and Washington would be logical fits for his skill set. Woodson to Denver still makes too much sense for both sides for it not to happen, though, so our thinking is it eventually gets done.

Oakland also announced the signing of Josh Cribbs yesterday, and they've added a fifth quarterback to their mix - former Nittany Lion Matt McGloin.

As for San Diego, they signed former Panthers LB Thomas Keiser and concluded their visit with Dwight Freeney without a contract agreement.

The two-day meeting reportedly went well, and Mike McCoy says the team would adjust its defense to accomodate Freeney's strengths. Apparently, that's a key point, as Dwight's father says San Diego's defensive scheme doesn't exactly appeal to his son, who he says would love to join the Giants, but for their inability to afford his high asking price.

Chargers lineman Jeromey Clary says he's happy to move inside for new right tackle D.J. Fluker, and how thrilled must Clary be to no longer be tasked with trying to handle Von Miller twice yearly?

After having struggled with blackouts in 2012, the Chargers are requiring fans to purchase either season tickets or four-game packages to see PMFM and the Broncos up close.

In evaluating San Diego's draft, Chris Tripodi thinks Fluker will make for a fine right tackle but cannot handle the left side, he believes the Chargers defense is a good match for Manti Te'o, and he thinks Cal WR Keenan Allen was an excellent value for them in the third round.

Bucky Brooks agrees with Tripodi in calling Te'o a three-down linebacker and a perfect fit for San Diego's scheme, and he expects to see Te'o emerge as a leader for them.

Rounding out the division, the Chiefs announced four hirings to its scouting department.

The team continues to search for a WR to complement Dwayne Bowe, but Jon Baldwin made a poor first impression and already got reamed by Andy Reid.

Aside from refusing to change positions for him, Branden Albert is apparently being a good teammate to top draftee Eric Fisher, but Sam Mellinger sees the tackle's situation in KC as tenuous at best, after the team was unable to trade him during the draft.


FO's excellent line analyst Ben Muth had the following to say on Twitter about Quanterus Smith, while discussing Fluker's struggles against Western Kentucky (h/t Kriss Bergethon):

I'm not sure how you can watch the Bama vs WKU game and see DJ Fluker as an NFL tackle...Yeah, and I like Smith a lot. But you can't let non-top 10 caliber college guys flat run around you like that. Lead footed...Love Q Smith as a pass rusher but he's not an elite burner, and still there are times when he just runs by Fluker...Love Smith. Great w/his hands for a college guy. But hes not an elite burst guy off the edge & he blows by Fluker at times

2011 draftee Julius Thomas is finally healthy for offseason activities, which would seem to translate to it being now-or-never time for him to prove his worth.

Demaryius Thomas comes in at #68 on NFLN's list of the top 100 players of 2012 (video).

Joe Fortenbaugh sees Denver as facing the most pressure to succeed of all teams in 2013, and he blames Foxball for the Baltimore disaster.

Peyton Manning's PeyBack Foundation announced that it will distribute $581K in grants to youth-based organizations in CO, LA, IN, and TN; several players did some work in the community on Thursday; Broncos assistant director of pro personnel Champ Kelly's annual C.H.A.M.P. camp is coming up.


Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski will undergo a fourth surgery on his injured forearm next week.

Jacksonville released RB Montell Owens and claimed DT Kevin Love off waivers from New England, who reportedly presented him with a choice of retiring for a year or being waived.

Dallas added DE Anthony Hargrove and restructured the contract of T Doug Free; Cleveland signed former Cards and Pats QB Brian Hoyer for two years and re-signed RB Brandon Jackson; the Jets have offered the newly retired David Garrard a position as a QB coaching intern.

Like Geno Smith, Dee Milliner is apparently so mad about having been drafted by the LOLJets that he's fired his agents.

TBS is developing a reality show about Packers fans, and wow, check out those hilarious comments.


Pat Kirwan ranks offensive linemen; he includes Ryan Clady among his top left tackles, and Zane Beadles among his top rising linemen.

Chase Stuart considers the precedent of teams drafting two running backs closely together, like Green Bay did with Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin.

In his first big board for the 2014 Draft, Rob Rang shares his expectation that quarterbacks will return to prominence after not factoring very much in the 2013 one.

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