Raiders likely to cut Pryor

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The rapid fall of Terrelle Pryor is apparently about to reach its conclusion.

According to Alex Marvez, the Raiders plan to cut the young man who opened the 2013 season as their starting quarterback, unless they're able to trade him by tomorrow.

Pryor was the last player ever drafted by the late Al Davis, with a 2011 supplemental third-rounder.

The former Buckeye started nine games for Oakland last year, including two statistically efficient performances against the Broncos, and one against the Chargers.

But although he started off the season in impressive fashion - posting numbers in the upper half of the league's QBs - his success proved to be short-lived.

When all was said and done, Pryor produced the worst ANY/A and second worst NY/A in the NFL.

He took a whopping 31 sacks in just 303 dropbacks; only Matt Flynn fared worse, while Christian Ponder was his equal in futility.

Oakland ended its QB controversy by acquiring Matt Schaub from Houston, and Matt McGloin - who was far more efficient than Pryor - will be his backup.

What's next for Pryor?

It wouldn't surprise to see him land somewhere as a third-stringer free of expectations, and given time to develop. And if that doesn't happen, some team will surely give the 6-4, 233-pound speedster a shot at another position - perhaps as a wideout.


When Mike Klis suggests that a team would be better served picking someone with a first-rounder than a second-rounder due to the possibility of a unilateral fifth-year option, he apparently doesn't realize that the option is on the expensive side of things. It's a relative bargain when talking about someone like Von Miller, but not many players are worth what he is.

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Jim Kelly has returned home to Buffalo to continue his cancer treatment and is reportedly still interested in purchasing the Bills to keep them in Western New York.

Welfare queen Dean Spanos will apparently be seeking a several-hundred-million-dollar public handout to help build a new stadium for the Chargers.


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Gary Myers sees many potential advantages to having Donald Trump buy the Bills. As someone who can't stand the guy, I have to admit that it makes sense on a couple of levels - for one, at least everyone knows Trump is a selfish asshole, so there would be no false pretenses with him. And when it comes down to it, the NFL is entertainment, even if many like to treat it as something far more important, and the Donald is an entertainer.

Chase Stuart's data says NFL running backs have been getting shorter over the past fifty years. They've also been getting heavier over that time period, save for the past fifteen years.

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