Raiders cede battle in the War on Women

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! While yesterday brought extremely upsetting news (from SCOTUS) for those who think women are people, the NFL was a surprising source of the opposite.

The group of lawsuits brought by current and former cheerleaders against the No Females League has brought at least one positive result.

Although the team is not exactly trumpeting the news, the Raiders will finally pay its cheerleaders the minimum wage (via KSK) for their tireless work.

Granted, there's something disturbing about celebrating a $9B+ industry paying minimum wage to highly visible employees.

But it's progress, and even if it required a lawsuit to force them into doing so, we applaud the Raiders for finally doing the right thing.

There may be more positive news to follow on the equality front.

According to Mike Freeman, a report "favorable" to Chris Kluwe is forthcoming in the Vikings' independent investigation of the ex-punter's allegations that ST coach Mike Priefer is an unrelenting homophobic asshole.


T.J. Ward says the transition to Denver and its "winning culture" has been an easy one.

Speaking at Michael Crabtree's football camp last month, Von Miller declared the NFCW to be the league's best division.

Frank Schwab is sick and tired of pundits transforming every big game into a referendum on PMFM's legacy. Obviously, we agree.

Jeff Legwold discusses Wes Welker's role on the 2014 squad.

It's a bit early to make such predictions, but Cecil Lammey thinks QB Bryn Renner, running backs Brennan Clay and Juwan Thompson, WR Bennie Fowler, and C Matt Paradis could be headed for the practice squad.

James Merilatt wants to know why the Dallas PD's PR flack was so anxious to tweet out the erroneous news that Aqib Talib had been arrested (eight hours prior). As one might have guessed, he doesn't tweet out a report for every arrest the DPD makes.

Peyton spent Monday at a golf event to benefit the Niswonger Children's Hospital in Virginia.


The NFL is banning fancy facemasks this season.

Philly tackle Lane Johnson faces a four-game ban for violation of the PED policy; Miami added G Darren Colledge; San Francisco re-signed G Al Netter.

Cincy linebacker Sam Montgomery was threatened with a possible tazing and arrested for speeding last week in South Carolina. The trooper who arrested him has been suspended, because it's pretty clear that Montgomery's greatest crime was being large and black.


Confidence is especially key for a cornerback, but Brandon Flowers declaring himself the best in the game is a bit much.

While Joe Namath is obviously correct when he says Geno Smith was less than outstanding last season, what's his point? There's exactly nobody arguing otherwise.


Mike Tanier on the Jets' offseason; Greg Gabriel checks in on Carolina and Jacksonville.

Regarding the blatantly racist name of the Washington franchise, Mike Florio correctly reminds us that so-called "political correctness" is just another term for treating people with respect.

Chase Stuart considers the value of a rushing first down.

Peter King responds to CFL email questions; Christmas Ape translates his MMQB column.

PFT Commenter kicks off White History Month with an ode to Riley Cooper.


Jozy Altidore has been cleared for today's big game.

Jurgen Klinsmann continues to do a fine job of taking on the media glare on behalf of his players.

Nate Silver measures the trajectory of the USMNT.

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