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Good Morning, Broncos fans! There remains no real news to discuss, so we're going to keep hammering away at this Matt Prater discussion we've been having.

Much has been made in recent days about Prater's perceived clutchness, specifically in the fourth quarter and overtime. As a quick exercise, let's examine all of his 4Q and OT attempts from last season:

Week Opponent Quarter Distance Score Before Kick
7 @MIA OT 52 15-15
10 @KC 4 41 (Miss) 17-7
12 @SD 4 24 10-13
    OT 37 13-13
13 @MIN 4 46 29-32
    4 23 32-32
14 CHI 4 59 7-10
    OT 51 10-10

For my money, I see four impressive makes, three chip shots, and a miss that wasn't contextually a big deal, already up 10 against the anemic Chiefs.

Obviously, the Miami and Chicago game-winners were more pressurized than other OT kicks because of their distance - a potential miss sets up the opponent in great field position. The 59-yarder to tie the Bears was one of the best kicks you'll ever see.

But again, Prater had missed two shorter kicks at Miami earlier in the game (a 49-yarder in the first quarter, a 43-yarder in the second), either of which would have changed the complexion of the game. Had he made both of those kicks, the team wouldn't have required nearly as dramatic a comeback to win.

The kicks against San Diego are nothing special, nor was the game-winner in Minnesota.

Although Prater definitely made some big, clutch kicks in 2011, I still don't think this body of work is enough to make Prater worth as much as Denver is now paying him.

All this serves as more context to the discussion. We'll add more fodder for thought in the coming days, weeks, and months.


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