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Not such a good morning, Broncos fans. Gotta refer to them as the Oakland Raiders today - yes, they deserve it. In what may have been the worst loss in regular-season history for Denver, the Raiders beat the Broncos 59-14. Fifty-nine points. In three quarters. I’m actually not sure what is more impressive - a 59 on a golf course or 59 points in three quarters of professional football. After four attempts, the Broncos under Josh McDaniels have yet to win a divisional home game, and the Raiders have now won three straight in Denver. There were no bright spots, so let’s get that out of the way. As for the doom and gloom, where to start?

How about injuries? Perrish Cox left with a concussion, Kevin Vickerson re-aggravated his groin injury, Marcus Thomas hurt his right shoulder, and Demaryius Thomas may have injured a thumb. So, nobody had a season-ending injury. That’s about as good as the news gets today.

The Broncos gained as many first downs via penalty (two) as they did via rushing. 2-for-11 on third down. 0-for-2 on fourth down. Three turnovers and zero takeaways. 328 rushing yards and 508 yards of total offense allowed. 38:39 to 21:21 in time of possession. 12 completed passes for each team. Yes, the Raiders scored 59 points with only 12 completions. Now that is hard to do, especially without a special-teams TD and only one defensive TD. It was 21-0 after six minutes and two seconds, and it never got that close again all day long. Considering how they got there, it is tough to imagine a worse string of three plays - first, a 43-yard TD pass from Jason Campbell to Zach Miller on which the Raiders TE could have crawled into the end zone. Next, a Kyle Orton throw which could only have been caught by Raiders CB Chris Johnson, who did just that and took the ball 30 yards back for six more points. Right after that came a Demaryius Thomas fumble, which would have been another Raiders TD had the referees made the proper call. Three plays later, it was 21-0 and that, as they say, was that.

So, what now? It’s hard to say. Obviously, this is going to be an anger-filled week for Denver fans, and it’s hard to argue that it should be anything but that. It will surely also be a week of tired phrases, such as “We’ll find out what this team is made out of on Sunday,” and “Josh McDaniels is on the hot seat,” and “Is it Tebow Time in Denver?”. But really, we found out yesterday what this team is made of, and the prognosis is not good. Yes, the Broncos are banged up. But so are many other teams, none of whom allowed 59 points. To a team that won but five games last season. Let’s be honest. The playoffs are not a reasonable possibility anymore, so the rest of this season becomes a referendum on the Josh McDaniels Era in Denver. Yes, the last time Denver lost a game this badly it got their two-time Super Bowl-winning coach fired. But as bad as this loss was, the Broncos had very much been in every prior game this year, save Baltimore.

But that means nothing unless the Broncos can turn their season around. In other words, it is now time, over the next 9 games to see what Josh McDaniels the head coach is made of. Yes, that is a cheesy and hackneyed cliche, but a good/very good/great coach prepares his team to snap back from a loss like yesterday’s, immediately and in a big way. We’re waiting…


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