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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! We keep reading the same quotes from Denver's coaches about Jacob Hester's versatility on the official site, which is all fine and good.

After all, it's the team site, so we wouldn't expect anything but praise for anyone on the roster.

But before penciling Hester into anything more than an emergency role on the 2013 Broncos - if he even makes the roster - don't forget that he was unemployed for the first three months of the 2012 regular season.

His career 3.6 yards per carry, 5.6 yards per reception, and four fumbles in just 167 touches might have had something to do with that. None of those figures are exactly inspiring.

For perspective's sake, Willis McGahee had five fumbles in 193 touches last year, which was rather terrible, and prompted more than a few calls for Willis to ride the pine.

Obviously, 167 touches is a small sample by any measure, but it's something to keep in mind when considering Hester's prospects.

Jacob's size has been listed as a case for his inclusion, but at 5-11, 225 lb. according to the official site, Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman are the only backs he outweighs by more than a handful of pounds. Knowshon Moreno, Lance Ball, and C.J. Anderson are all tipping the scales to the same extent, while Knowshon and Lance each have significantly better career rushing and receiving averages than does Hester.

More telling, whatever size he had/has didn't help him gain more than 11 yards on his eight carries against Baltimore in the season-ending playoff loss. Hester wasn't the short-yardage solution in 2012, and frankly, we don't see that from him in 2013, either.


New secondary coach Cory Undlin worked mostly with the defensive line in 2012 as a quality control coach, and had been a secondary coach under Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville. In a Q&A with the official site, he says Omar Bolden and Kayvon Webster have worked mostly in the slot this summer.

Andrew Mason says Bolden and Webster figure to be competing with Tony Carter behind the team's top three corners.

PFF's Neil Hornsby continues his look at functional starting lineups today with the Broncos and Cowboys. Here's guessing that Danny Trevathan and Sly Williams will see the field more in the nickel package than Nate Irving and Robert Ayers.

As other analysts have suggested, Hornsby figures that Ronnie Hillman may start the season as Denver's first-team running back, but that Montee Ball will eventually wrest that gig away from him.


Bears RB Michael Bush says he played much of the 2012 season with a fractured bone in his shoulder.

Native American author Mark Anthony Rolo doesn't buy Roger Goodell's line of bullshit regarding the blatantly racist name of the Washington football franchise, calling the Ginger Hammer's response to Congress "offensive" and "cowardly." (via PFT)

Niners corner Nnamdi Asomugha and the actress Kerry Washington were married last week after somehow managing to keep their relationship secret from the media.


As Bucky Brooks sees it, breakout candidates among linebackers include Whitney Mercilus, Brandon Graham, Bruce Carter, and Jacquian Williams.

CBS's pre-camp previews continue with the Giants and Cowboys.

PFF's Steve Palazzolo examines the pressure data for the AFCS quarterbacks from 2012.

Michael Dean Perry, who blazed the I'm quitting on the Broncos to sign with the Chiefs Trail for Eddie Kennison, has been named the 24th-greatest player in Browns history by the Plain Dealer.

Tim Brown has the most receptions and yards against the Broncos of any players, while Art Powell piled a ridiculous 17 touchdown catches onto Denver in just 14 years during their formative years.


Frank Schwab doesn't see much reason for hope in Oaktown this year, even while Reggie McKenzie has them on the right path forward.

Brian McIntyre looks over the Raiders' cap situation, which features more than $50M in dead money this year, and a ton of cap room with which to collect players next offseason.

In honor of White History Month, PFT Commenter celebrates the life of Al Davis, who was born on the Fourth of July.

IAOFM Master of Trivial Pursuits

RSH, Esq. is our winner from yesterday, for correctly stating that Sammy Winder ranks third in Denver history behind Terrell Davis and Floyd Little in rushes, yards, and touchdowns; that Otis Armstrong ranks fourth in rushes and yards; and that 2000 sixth-rounder Mike Anderson ranks fourth in touchdowns, and fifth in rushes and yards.

Yahmule and Bob Morris each deserve more-than-honorable mentions, for having gotten the three names correct, only missing out on Anderson's draft round.

RSH, Esq. will be our reigning MTP until the next time that most prestigious honor is put up for grabs. Clearly, Yahmule and Bob Morris will be major threats to his title reign.


Colorado comes in at #4 on Captain Caveman's ranking of the United States.

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