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Good Afternoon, Broncos fans. It's been a very busy day, so instead of just waiting until tomorrow morning, let's get up to date on what's been happening.

Former FBI boss Louis Freeh concluded his investigation of Penn State today by releasing a lengthy report on his firm's findings. It was, of course, to be expected that there would be plenty of blame to go around. And as anticipated, most of it lands at the feet of the school's top administrators and the late Joe Paterno, for their stunning inaction when presented with child sexual abuse accusations against Jerry Sandusky.

But the new details paint a story that's even worse than we previously knew, as if that was possible after the harrowing court trial.

Deadspin has done a fine job of combing through the report, so we won't repeat everything here. But the key takeaways, so far, are that Paterno and Company knew that Sandusky was a pedophile in 1998, and they did nothing about it. The next year, Paterno offered Sandusky the choice of retiring or remaining on his coaching staff indefinitely.

Janitors who witnessed abuse (fearing the powerful Paterno would have them fired) and the Second Mile charity (deeming Sandusky showering with minors to be a "non-incident) chose not to report accusations to the proper authorities.

Former PSU president Graham Spanier went far beyond inaction, and into clear obstruction. However, he did determine that an agent found to have purchased clothing for a PSU athlete was worthy of a campus ban. Sandusky, for his heinous acts, was still permitted unfettered access to the team's facilities.

Obviously, the findings of the report have been met with disgust, but there have been a few notable exceptions. The Paterno family is still pathetically trying in vain to shift the blame and protect the legacy of their late patriarch, but don't they know that's already long gone? No, really. It's over, and there's nowhere to hide.

ESPN tastelessly put Matt Millen on live television to defend PSU and Paterno, and this was obviously met with wide and emphatic disapproval.

Nike announced it will remove Paterno's name from its own childcare center.

Roddy White decided to chime in via Twitter, and he comes away looking like quite the dumbass.

And, what did they do at Penn State's student center? Why, they changed the channel before Freeh was about to speak, of course.


With the suspension and legal issues hanging over the head of D.J. Williams, Lindsay Jones declares that linebacker will be the key position to watch during training camp, and she says the team was pleased with the performances of rookies Danny Trevathan and Steven Johnson during OTAs. To that end, in a Q&A for the official site, linebackers coach Richard Smith calls Von Miller "bigger" and "stronger" than he was last year and praises Trevathan's ball skills.

Here are more photos of Peyton Manning's gigantic new home in Cherry Hills Village.

Naturally, there's plenty of incredulous reaction to the D.J. Williams story. Here are KSK, Deadspin, and PFT's takes.


Cleveland selected Baylor WR Josh Gordon in the second round of the supplemental draft, meaning the team will not have a second-rounder in 2013. Gordon was the only player selected.

The family of Junior Seau has reportedly donated a portion of his brain for CTE research.

The trial for one of the men accused of killing Washington safety Sean Taylor has been scheduled for November.


Greg Cosell includes youngster A.J. Green among his top five wideouts in today's game.

Bill Barnwell considers the likelihood that the 14 remaining franchised players will sign long-term deals with their teams, including a handy reminder that overpaying Matt Prater could bite Denver in the ass in a similar situation down the road.

In today's Walkthrough column, Mike Tanier lays out the template for writing with the stern hand of the Ginger Hammer and ranks the top running backs in Jaguars and Oilers/Titans history.

Scott Kacsmar often called to attention that the Packers were constant frontrunners during their lengthy winning streak of 2010 and 2011, requiring little in the way of fourth-quarter heroics. But further research finds that Aaron Rodgers has struggled in the fourth quarter throughout his career.

As Chase Stuart notes, Brandon Lloyd and Josh McDaniels are now with their third team together, and in less than three years. To mark the occasion, he finds a few other examples of coaches and players touring the NFL together, including In Gus We Trust Frerotte.

Khaled Elsayed examines three years of pass blocking data for tackles, finding no Broncos among the best or worst.


If Desmond Howard's tweet from yesterday is any indication, Skip Bayless's colleagues have about as much respect for the self-promoting windbag as we do.

Unsilent Majority offers a fitting guide to decoding the melodramatic headlines over at PFT.

Yikes, the daughter of Nick Saban sure sounds like a psychopath.

A Brooklyn newcomer penned a fascinating chronicle of his own exploration of the city's public hoops courts.

All you Wyomingites out there have plenty to be proud of, as you're sending athletes to the Olympics at a higher clip than any other state is.

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