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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Yes, it's only preseason, and it doesn't count for a thing.

But seriously, who in Broncos Land is not excited to see Peyton Manning & Co. suit up to play some football tonight in San Francisco?

Naturally, many eyes will be on Ronnie Hillman, Montee Ball, and Julius Thomas (we're not buying the notion that the team doesn't know what it has in Virgil Green, who has already proven himself a solid football player).

Also worth paying attention to will be the progress of Brock Osweiler and the play of Denver's strong safeties.

How will Nate Irving and Stewart Bradley fare in their battle for the starting Mike linebacker job?

As always, IAOFM will be presenting plenty of coverage of the game tonight, including an open thread, a recap, and TJ's peerless Gut Reactions.

Broncos News

John Elway calls Von Miller the most talented football player he's ever seen.

Brock Osweiler's switch from Gonzaga basketball recruit to ASU football player came with some help from the Zags coaching staff.

If you want to know what sets John Fox apart from coaches in all sports and at every level, it's that he likes his athletes to have positional versatility. WHO KNEW?!

Rumors that the Mile High Salute was being outlawed by the No Fun League were somewhat exaggerated.

Broncos Analysis

Jeff Legwold checks on the progress of Denver's rookies, both drafted and undrafted.

PFF's Broncos preview points to the uncertainty at middle linebacker and Matt Prater's inconsistent FG attempts as key concerns for the team this year.

There are few statistical abuses worse than making a big deal out of arbitrary landmarks, and Legwold has now done so on consecutive days.

Teams that have lost their starting center early on haven't fared so well on the scoreboard. Of course, teeny tiny sample alert.


So, what are the chances that the NFL lowers preseason ticket prices? LOLZ

Given the NFL's typical level of hubris, it shouldn't really shock that it's not cooperating with PBS and ESPN on their concussion documentary.

San Diego placed LB Devan Walker on IR with a torn lateral meniscus; New Orleans lost WR Joe Morgan for the year, and likely DE Kenyon Coleman as well; Chicago CB Kelvin Hayden is done for the season with a torn hamstring; former Bills WR Donald Jones is retiring due to his lifelong bout with kidney disease.

Seattle released WR Early Doucet after just one practice.

Lions WR Chaz Schilens clearly did not enjoy his 2012 season spent with the LOLJets.


Chase Stuart studies the craptasticness of the wide receivers that Rams QB Sam Bradford has played with.

Bucky Brooks explains how the Panthers offense can step up a level in 2013.

Chris Brown analyzes Cowboys TE Jason Witten's greatness at executing option routes.

KSK captionizes training camp; PFT Commenter celebrates the douchetastic Jay Mariotti.

The NCAA is a Joke

The incomparable Jay Bilas pwns the NCAA with both great intensity and regularity; this time, he got them so badly that they couldn't help but react.

However, the NCAA is still attempting to profit off memorabilia from wins it forced USC to vacate over violations related to Reggie Bush.

Will Leitch focuses on earlier comments from Bilas, who suggested the NCAA Tournament would do just fine without all the Cinderella teams.

Dan Shanoff suggests Johnny Football drop out of school now and just start prepping for the 2014 Draft.

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