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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Eight players were held out of practice due to injury yesterday, and unfortunately they’re all pretty big names for Denver. The five players who were out last week (Ayers, Dawkins, Goodman, McBath, Woodyard) did not practice, no word on whether the latter three might play this week. Also missing practice were Champ Bailey, Eddie Royal, Kevin Vickerson, and Brandon Lloyd, who is not injured. At least Knowshon’s not on the list - sure would be nice to see him return to full health for the remainder of the season…


Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton met with the press yesterday.

Nate Jones, Daniel Graham, Brandon Lloyd and Jason Hunter all spoke to reporters in the locker room (Audio).

Players spoke in the locker room about the league’s stance on dangerous hits.

Champ sat out practice with a rib injury, which he seemed to suffer on Braylon Edwards’ TD catch Sunday.

The Broncos added DL Mitch Unrein and former Dolphins TE John Nalbone to the practice squad yesterday, plus other notes from Klis.

Andrew Mason says to expect a mix of 30-and 40 fronts in the near future as the Broncos try to get their linebackers to health.

Legwold thinks the Broncos need to run more out of the shotgun.

Hopefully, Legwold is right in surmising that Pat Bowlen will be patient with Josh McDaniels.

Finally, Legwold on illegal hits and league policy.

Here’s Woodrow’s mailbag. Personally, I’d rather read the Dude’s, which will appear later today…

Tom Cable and Darren McFadden spoke to the Denver press via conference call yesterday.

Tom Cable claims to have no clue as to whom his QB will be on Sunday.

LJ points out that Jokeland is an eye-opening 4-2 on the road against the AFC West over the past couple seasons.

Kyle Boller and Jason Campbell split the first-team snaps at quarterback in practice yesterday.

Sounds like Darren McFadden will be back this week.

In an emergency, apparently P Shane Lechler could step in at QB.

Jokeland isn’t psyched about the campaign to minimize dirty hits, obviously.


Notes on the Chefs, who signed DL Atiyyah Ellison yesterday.

The Dolts are pretty banged up, and signed PK Kris Brown to kick for the injured Nate Kaeding. Meanwhile, enough Dolts fans actually bought tickets for their game versus the Pats to not get blacked out. That’s their first non-blackout of the season. Losers…

Andrew Brandt analyzes Marcus McNeill’s new contract.


The Saints placed CB Randall Gay on IR yesterday. This is too bad, since it means we won’t see any more pictures like this in 2010.

Colts punter Pat McAfee got his bye off to a rollicking start. What Would Dungy Do??

What would life be without irony, folks? For starters, we wouldn’t get to hear Jay Cutler talk about players taking responsibility for sucking…

Meanwhile, Luis DeLoureiro tries to figure out how many of his sacks are Cutler’s own fault and how many are thanks to his line.

Ray Lewis and other hard hitters reacted to the league’s statement on dirty hits.

James Harrison isn’t sure if the NFL is the place for him anymore, being that he’s a dirty player and all.

Brian Burke thinks the Dolts have had really bad luck this year. Plus, the Broncos are heavily favored in his game probabilities.

The Broncos remain 19th in Burke’s efficiency ratings.

Mike Silver has the Broncos at #21 in his weekly rankings.

William Rhoden doesn’t see how cheerleading in its current iteration belongs in NFL stadiums.

Jerry Jones is not a happy man these days.

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