Poor substitute Lard, quickie style

I'm filling in for Doug, who is taking his first break from doing the Lard ever, in the two years of IAOFM's existence.  You know Doug, you love Doug - and I'm no Doug.  Think of this as a weakened strain of the Lard, administered to you so as to prevent withdrawal symptoms, like methadone. 

John Elway and Matt Russell chatted with Broncos fans for the official site Tuesday.  There's a lot of good stuff there, including comments by Russell on his scouting process, and compliments for Derek Wolfe, Ronnie Hillman, and Knowshon Moreno.  Russell had a weird comment about having signed Ryan Clady, toward the end of the article, unless I missed something.

Man, the internet at my office is slow this morning.  Either that, or the Denver Post's site sucks.  Mike Klis has an interesting look at Peyton Manning's mental game.  Usually, i don't bother reading Klis, but I did so out of duty today, and i'm glad I did.

And then, here's the normal Klis.  He claims that if Ryan Clark played in Denver last season, Demaryius Thomas's 80-yard TD would never have happened.  This is dubious at best, because the fact is that the defensive call appeared to be to sell out for the run with nine men in the box.  Ike Taylor was counted on to handle DT one-on-one, and he couldn't do it.  It was a high-risk call, not a mistake by Ryan Mundy.

Man, they had Klis hopping yesterday.  Here's another pretty dumb article suggesting that Pat Bowlen is getting impatient. 

Solid article here from Terry Frei about the relationship between John Elway and Peyton Manning.

I have no interest in reading local media articles about the Steelers, so feel free to do so for yourself, if you like.  Here's a link to the Post-Gazette of Pittsburgh, and another to the TribLive site.  As dumb as Steelers fans tend to be, I expect that the writing at these two sites stays in their lane.

I'll have an article up this afternoon at some point, about the AFC South and AFC West, and we have a little sump'm sump'm coming from my man Doc Bear today as well.  Keep checking back in with IAOFM, and have a great Wednesday.

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