Poll: Biggest concern after Manning’s health and form?

A few bones to pick with PFT's overview of the Broncos: it's a bit much to call old friend Andre' Goodman a "longtime liability" and label Ryan Clady "annually overrated."

Also, if there's one spot where Denver is stronger than most, it's at nickel corner, where either Drayton Florence or Chris Harris will be handling business. Here, it's considered a "major question mark."

But as for the notion that Peyton Manning is no sure thing, that is indisputable. His health is a major unknown, and it's anyone's guess as to whether he returns to elite form - be it this season, next, or ever.

Indeed, the Broncos have weaknesses, as the PFT column acknowledges. We'd like to think that Manning's decisiveness will help the line in pass protection, and that his passing skills will ease the pressure on the running game. Perhaps the Broncos will have more leads to play with, meaning the defense will be on the field less and face more predictable offenses.

But we don't know for sure.

All of this hinges upon Manning. And even if he is the Peyton of old (not Peyton getting old), that doesn't guarantee the other problems disappear.

With that in mind, we pose the following question:

Aside from Peyton Manning's health and return to form, which of the following concerns you most about Denver's prospects in 2012?

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