Political capital, or more aptly, the complete lack thereof

Political capital is a term which is always invoked right after a politician is newly elected, or re-elected.  It more or less equates to the concept of benefit of the doubt.  In 2004, when George W. Bush was re-elected by a slim margin of 51%-48%, he claimed a wide mandate for his agenda, and openly spoke of using his accrued political capital.  His chosen agenda item was a tremendously unpopular scheme to re-cast the social security program.  Mr. Bush over-reached by a mile, and that failure ultimately began the long downslope of his presidency, really just a few months after being re-elected.  It remains to be seen how long President Obama will be able to keep such a high degree of public goodwill, while implementing programs which can be divisive.

I am here to tell you that Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders have no political capital left, absolutely zero.  They're both rookies in their jobs, so they started out with less than a Mike Shanahan did in 1995.  To me, the dismissal of the Goodmans burned their allowance right off the bat.  The fan base was skeptical, but assumed they knew something we didn't.  This handling of the Cutler situation is making me honestly question their competence, and they haven't run a draft or coached a game yet.  From a football standpoint, it is crazy to consider trading Jay Cutler for Matt Cassel.  It is just completely asinine, from a business perspective to let the story get out.  Does a company which is considering layoffs announce it before the decision is made?  Of course not.  You don't even have this particular conversation, but even if you do, you never, ever let Adam Schefter hear about it.

Now, our friend Pork Chop Williamson is reporting that Jay wants out of Denver.  I don't blame him a bit for feeling that way.  McDaniels tells the guy how he is going to help him flourish, and then he goes behind his back like this.  The Broncos organization had better be in damage control mode right now, trying to fix this.  As much as I am sure that McDaniels thinks his system will win championships, and that any number of players can be plugged in, our fan base uniquely knows that no system is brilliant enough to overcome a lack of talented players.

The Broncos should also figure out who is leaking information to Adam Schefter, and fire him today.  In the past, there was a good relationship there with the team, and with Mike Shanahan.  Schefter and his source, to me, hurt the team in a huge way today.  I know that Schefter has no responsibility to the Broncos, but organizationally, I wouldn't tell him anything anymore, much like the Obama press team ignores Fox News.  If a news organization is proven to be willing to (or seeking to?) hurt you, you just don't give them the chance.

I am just so angry about this.  We cannot have this kind of amateur hour performance.  McDaniels and Xanders have zero benefit of the doubt from me anymore, and that won't change until they prove something with some Wins.  For now, I am just hopeful that this Cutler relationship can be repaired.

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