Police report: Dumervil brandished gun during traffic dispute

The Miami Beach police report (copy of report can be viewed there) regarding Elvis Dumervil's arrest has been made available, and Mike Klis has details.  As Vic Lombardi had tweeted earlier, this was not over a parking spot. But the incident does, at a glance, appear to be a case of drivers escalating an everyday traffic dispute.

According to the account of both the alleged victim and the witness who first called the police, Dumervil was following a (friend's?) car in his own Land Rover and was cut off by an Impala driven by the alleged victim.

The witness's account says that horn blowing and verbal threats followed, and the driver of the Impala allegedly threw an object which hit Elvis's Land Rover. Next, Dumervil and his passenger allegedly approached the Impala and lifted their shirts, displaying guns.

The witness, an employee at a (presumably nearby) Victoria's Secret store, then called police, who ordered Elvis out of his vehicle at gunpoint.

As Klis reports, after Dumervil and his passenger had been handcuffed, the police asked Elvis if there was a gun in the car, and he said there was not. A gun was then found in the glove compartment.


We haven't yet heard Dumervil's side of the story, but we can only hope it paints his own actions in a better light.

According to Klis, Elvis has pleaded guilty in six traffic-related charges in Colorado since 2006, including driving with a suspended license.

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