Polamalu: Don’t talk to strangers

Expert: Tim Tebow Overshadowing Several Of NFL's Other Religious Players

While Tebow, the son of missionaries, lives the evangelical Christian life, the Steelers star said in an interview that he's cautious not to push his religious beliefs onto strangers. “It can lead to resentment, and that is not what you want,” Polamalu said. "There is also a sense of arrogance sometimes when people are really hearty, evangelizers, and that is opposite of what faith is. Like, ‘I know this better than you.’ There are a lot of pitfalls to that."

Yeah, that's right.  Someone wrote an article about who has the most religious devotion.  According to this article:

Dawkins > Tebow

Polamalu > Dawkins

Apparently, though, Polamalu doesn't mix it up with strangers, just quarterbacks.

Now let me blow your mind: Who does God pull for if the Broncos play the Steelers in the AFC Championship? In theory, Tebow doesn't have the same luxury of praying on every snap the way Polamalu does. He's got to get the play into the game. Would having Dawkins on the sideline praying while Tebow is playing help offset this?  Or does the fact that Polamalu could say his prayers in Kione Greek (the original compilation text of the New Testament) override all?

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I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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