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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Klis maintains the Broncos will likely place a second-round tender on Britton Colquitt, which would mean a one-year contract worth $2.023M.

Added to Matt Prater's $2.5M salary and $3,312,500 cap number, that's $4.523M in pay, and $5,335,500 in cap dollars - 4.3% of the cap - for two kickers who are aided by altitude for half of their games.

Pretty ridiculous, although at least Colquitt ranks among the league's better punters (fourth in net average in 2012), whereas Prater is one of its least accurate kickers (27th in 2011, 26th in 2012).

But none of this is anywhere near as incredible as the $8.9M in guarantees (!) paid Britton's older brother Dustin by the Chiefs, as part of a five-year, $18.75M deal (!!).

We just have to hope Britton doesn't have designs on being the highest paid player in his family. Granted, the team's gross overpayment of Prater doesn't exactly provide us much hope..

Let's go point-by-point through Klis's column on Denver's offseason needs, because there's a lot to it:

  1. An NFL coach suggests Denver could go CB-CB with its first two picks. So, they're going to carry six corners on the roster? Mmkay.
  2. Klis continues to characterize Chris Harris as a nickel corner. As odd as this is, given his performance, it has to be coming from the team. They're either managing Harris's expectations for when Omar Bolden eventually lines up across from Champ Bailey, are trying to convince the world they are indeed going corner at #28, so they can snatch a DT, or they're going to trade for Darrelle Revis.
  3. Denver wants Kevin Vickerson back, but doesn't want to pay him very much (else they'd sign him before free agency opens a week from today), and they're willing to let Justin Bannan explore the market.
  4. Klis figures Terrance Knighton is a fit thanks to his familiarity with Jack Del Rio. If the price is right, why not?
  5. Ahmad Bradshaw joins Shonn Greene on the list of ex-New Jersey running backs the Broncos may consider.
  6. Obviously, the team needs better OL depth. On this, we can agree.
  7. The Broncos want more picks from its safeties than the one they got from Rahim "The 2011 Draft's Best Ballhawking Safety" Moore, so they're prepared to get them from someone else.

We'll save the best for last: according to Klis, Peyton Manning "is not a deep thrower," although only six quarterbacks threw more passes beyond 20 yards in 2012 (Luck, Flacco, Freeman, Stafford, Brady, Brees) than did Peyton1.

Oh, and only Brees, Luck, and Flacco completed more deep passes than PMFM.

Colin Kaepernick (60.6%) and Aaron Rodgers (53.2%) were the only QBs to be more accurate on deep passes than Peyton (52.8%) in 2012 (Note: that's not completion %, but instead accounts for drops as well).

Nobody threw more deep touchdown passes than Peyton did, although Brees, Rodgers, and Flacco tied him with 11.

We'll grant Klis that Manning was only 15th in terms of his rate of throwing deep, but considering that he still completed more of those throws than all but three guys, and was more accurate than all three of, yeah - not a deep thrower, that Peyton guy.

Denver won't be receiving any compensatory picks for this April, and barring any trades, will enter the draft with six picks.

The waiting list for Broncos season tickets grew by about 10,000 to around 40,000 names long in the past year.


The NFL is apparently ready to abandon AEG's stadium plan for Los Angeles.

Indy and DT Fili Moala agreed to an extension, the details of which are unknown; Chicago will let corner D.J. Moore hit the market.

LOLJets GM John Idzik made sure to tell potential trade partners the world that the rehabilitation of Revis's knee is going well.

The Patriots remain confident they'll be able to get a multi-year deal done with WR Wes Welker, but Jason Cole says Welker is apparently still mad (at Josh McDaniels) about not seeing more targets in the regular season opener. Hmm, does this qualify him as a diva or glory boy receiver, or does something else about Wes exclude him from that label?

Given Oakland's cap situation, TE Brandon Myers thinks he could end up somewhere else following his own breakout season.

Ravens RB Ray Rice has taken a very public stand against bullying; an 11-year-old bullying victim, whom Rice had supported, recently died after having been placed in a medically-induced coma.

Chris Kluwe thinks we're still a couple of years away from having an openly gay NFL player, and he says homophobia in the league will take time to overcome.


Gil Brandt checks in on the pro days of UTEPPurdueArkansas-Pine BluffAlabama State, and Troy St./West Alabama; Tony Pauline adds notes on Alabama Birmingham.

Bucky Brooks updates his big board post-combine; Doug Farrar evaluates KSU LB Arthur Brown and Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib.

Albert Breer hears that the jury is still out on whether Geno Smith or Matt Barkley will be the first QB off the board next month.


Ben Muth evaluates available free agent tackles and says Ryan Clady, if available, would have topped the list. Muth calls Clady's run blocking "above average" and his pass protection "gorgeous."

The PFF guys rank the quarterbacksrunning backs, and kickers/punters who are most overpaid relative to their grades.

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1 Data on deep passes courtesy PFF, and only concerns throws that traveled at least 20 yards downfield

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