Playoff expansion? No, thank you

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! As Dan Pompei suggests, it appears that playoff expansion is an inevitability.

But as for his argument in favor of the idea, we strongly disagree with it.

Pompei is right when he says it's possible that a theoretical seventh seed could win the Super Bowl.

Of course they could.

But more to the point, does anyone really want to see that happen?

Who's enthralled with the idea of 9-7, 8-8, and 7-9 teams getting the opportunity to win it all?

After all, the NFL's playoffs are a single elimination tournament, when all sorts of shit happens.

Playoff expansion will serve to cheapen the regular season.

For every 10-6 team that misses the playoffs (like last year's Cardinals) under the current format, there figure to be many more .500 or worse teams that make it into a 14-team field.

Seven- and eight-win teams just don't deserve the chance to win a championship. The idea that they could win a SB, given the chance, doesn't mean they deserve that opportunity.

Like Pompei says, playoff expansion is going to happen, and probably as soon as next season.

But we hate the idea.


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