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Last updated: Jun 21, 2014 11:23 AM

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! There's another new mini-controversy involving the Patriots and allegations of cheating.

Greg Bedard's profile of new Bills Browns head coach and former Jets DC Mike Pettine included a passing mention that the Pats had a copy of Rex Ryan's defensive playbook.

Well, it's a passing mention, aside from the embiggened quote from Pettine, and Bedard's allusion to it within his intro to the piece.

So aside from those highlights, it's a total throwaway joking mention, as Bedard would have us believe today.

As for the fallout that Bedard is whining about, competing coaches are apparently pissed at Pettine, and that includes his old boss.

Gary Myers thinks Sexy Rexy is a little to loose with his trade secrets, while Mike Tanier considers how this all came about in the first place.

Per Bedard, if you're making a big deal out of Pettine's story, then you either don't know how to read, or just don't have as many playbooks as Bedard himself does.

Of course you don't...but who compares to a guy who could/should have prevented Aaron Hernandez from having become a three-time accused murderer.


BTV on Quinton Carter's comeback from two years lost to a knee injury; Cecil Lammey thinks Carter may play a significant role in Denver's nickel package.

Quant Smith says he knew late during the 2013 preseason that his surgically repaired knee was holding him back a bit.

For some reason, Terry Bradshaw decided it was time to knock Peyton Manning down a peg or two; Mike Klis reacts.

Von Miller hosted an event on Thursday night to benefit his foundation for providing eyecare to underprivileged children.


The NFLPA landed a blow in its battle against the league over the secret salary cap that may have been in 2010.

San Diego cut 2012 third-round safety Brandon Taylor, who, as a rookie, tore up his knee in his first and only career start; Kansas City added WR Mark Harrison.

Miami RB Knowshon Moreno has reportedly been hampered by a left knee issue and may have it scoped.

Green Bay RB Johnathan Franklin, their 2013 fourth-rounder, is retiring already, due to a neck injury; Baltimore will sign CB Aaron Ross; longtime Chicago long snapper Patrick Mannelly is retiring, and the team cut DE Israel Idonije.

The NBA is clearly preparing to place advertisements across the fronts of their jerseys; only so long before the NFL does the same, right?


If you're wondering what spurred the U.S. Patent Office to rule for removing trademark protections for the blatantly racist name of the Washington franchise, check out this unsettling video.

A Minnesota Congresswoman called upon Vikings owner Zygi Wilf to call for a name change.

Sponsors of the team are remaining mum on the topic, but pressuring them is, of course, the quickest avenue to changing the name.

Former TE Chris Cooley, who's still employed by Dan Snyder, presented a textbook, wrongheaded, out of touch, privileged white dude argument against changing the name.

David Rappoccio thinks Snyder has a golden opportunity here - to change the name to honor Rex Grossman.


Chris Burke discusses New England's offseason; Russ Lande does the same with Jacksonville's; Greg Gabriel studies Minnesota's roster.

PFF examines QB tendencies from several different standpoints.

Chase Stuart revisits his 2013 predictions for the AFCE teams.

Matt Bowen offers a primer on the zone blitz.

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