PK: Cohabitation with Raiders might send Chargers to NFCW

If the Raiders and Chargers shack up in Los Angeles, the Chargers and Rams may switch places in the AFCW and NFCW, writes Peter King, in his latest MMQB columnPer King, realignment would not be about any competitive issues, but rather an issue of CBS and FOX getting to share the LA market.

In terms of travel, Denver is pretty much equidistant between San Diego and St. Louis, so a swap wouldn't figure to create much of an impact there. The Broncos, Raiders, and Chargers have been division rivals since the 1960 inception of the AFL, and it would be a great shame for that dynamic to end.

The irony here is that it's Rams owner Stan Kroenke's LA stadium plan that likely prodded the Raiders and Chargers into their threat of becoming the strangest of bedfellows. It could be that the Chargers are merely bluffing, in an attempt to extract more public subsidies out of the city of San Diego.

If we can be sure of anything, though, it's that these decisions will ultimately be driven by money, and not sentimentalities or rivalries.

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