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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! As Denver heads into the weekend with a chance to move above .500 for the first time since Week 1, the turmoil continues in Kansas City.

Chiefs fans are planning to again fly a banner over Arrowhead calling for GM Scott Pioli's ouster this Sunday, and to wear black to their Week 11 home game against Cincinnati to mourn their lost enjoyment for KC football.

And yet, the rumors remain that Pioli's contract has been extended by owner Clark Hunt, and remember when many of us thought he was going to bring respectability back to the Broncos' faltering rivals?

It's under these grim circumstances that Brady Quinn is getting his next, if not last, shot as a starting NFL quarterback. Several Broncos players and coaches were complimentary of Quinn to Mike Silver and one executive (presumably his BFF John Elway) called the Notre Dame grad a "class act," presumably for how he handled getting passed over last season due to a bunch of billboards.

To be frank, I've ever been very fond of Quinn the quarterback, but it's hard not to feel badly for how his time in Denver went. And although it's not clear whether we want his Chiefs to beat the Raiders this Sunday, we'll all undoubtedly be rooting for Quinn & Co. to take down the Chargers next Thursday night.


Another guy to feel badly for is Tracy Porter, who headed to Twitter to defend his image after the standardless hacks over at MHS (excepting the admirable work of Andrew Mason) ran his good name through the muck.

Porter did not practice yesterday; not only did he suffer his own seizure over the summer, but he witnessed one endured by then-Saints teammate Jeremy Shockey.

Videos: John Fox, Mike McCoy, Jack Del Rio, and Champ Bailey speak after practice; NFL Films previews the game.

Jeff Legwold checks in on Denver's rookies and again touches on the Broncos' glaring late-season struggles throughout their history, especially on the road.

Not sure what games he's been watching, but Mark Kiszla claims the Denver linebackers have shown themselves not to require the help of one Genos Williams.

Peyton isn't just pitching Papa John's pizza on TV; he is going to be the owner of 21 franchises in and around Denver.

Kevin Fishbain says the Broncos are still expecting Ronnie Hillman's role in the offense to grow as the season continues.


The Saints are flying to Denver today in order to acclimate to the altitude and cold, a day earlier than they normally do for road games.

New Orleans will be without WR Joe Morgan and TE Daniel Graham on Sunday; TE Jimmy Graham was again limited in practice, while Darren Sproles has been out due to a family illness but is expected to play.

Roman Harper reminds us that despite his team having beaten Peyton's Colts in SB 44, they didn't exactly contain the QB.

Mike Triplett and Larry Holder preview the matchup for the Times-Picayune, while Katherine Terrell focuses on the gaudy career numbers of Manning and Drew Brees.

Pete Prisco warns teams not to try zone coverage against Drew Brees without a great pass rush, but presumably that doesn't apply to the Von/Doom-led Broncos.


Tampa Bay RB Doug Martin racked up 214 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns, including one of Josh Freeman's three TD passes, as the Bucs roughed up the host Vikings 36-17. Even before the game, Freeman's numbers were looking pretty stellar, save for completion rate. Today would be a good time to revisit those complaints about Denver trading the pick that would become Martin to Tampa Bay.

Chiefs LB Tambi Hali says the Raiders are a bunch of dirty cheap-shot artists, the Raiders respond with a Who, us?!, and the Bills recently called Hali a dirty cheap-shot artist. 

Jacksonville placed LB Daryl Smith on IR with the option to return; Packers WR Greg Jennings will have surgery to repair an abdominal tear he suffered in the season opener, but he's expected back sometime this season.

The No Fun League has again fined Bears wideout Earl Bennett for wearing orange cleats, even though orange is one of his team's colors.

Here are the announcer pairings for Sunday, plus broadcast maps.


Mike Tanier and Benjamin Hoffman preview the week's matchups, each predicting a Broncos victory.

Chase Stuart takes a deep statistical look at Cam Newton's season, and finds some fascinating stuff. Overall, Newton isn't actually faring that much worse than last year, but he's been struggling on second and third downs, and he's been facing a ridiculous average of 9.38 yards to gain when he throws on third down.

Scott Kacsmar notes the NFC's dominance over the AFC so far this season and thinks the Broncos are about to go on quite a run.

Matt Bowen explores the Steelers' use of a jump call, where the free safety moves up to cover an intermediate crossing route, while a corner takes his place patrolling the deep middle.

Circling back to ex-Patriot failures, Jason Cole bizarrely suggests that Bill Belichick bring Eric Mangini in to help with his secondary, but is it really about coaching, and not personnel? Meanwhile, Ben Muth studies the excellent play of New England's offensive line.

Drew Magary's Funbag includes a beatdown of whiny, entitled Patriots fans; KSK's Sex/FF mailbag.


In Brandon Marshall's world, others - like Stephen A. Smith - are being un-Christian when they criticize Teebs, but he himself is allowed to criticize Ndamukong Suh. Wow, BMarsh has separate rules for himself. Go figure.

Rob Rang updates his Big Board.

Terrell Owens lost a game of one-on-one to 4-foot-5 streetballer Mani Love, but watching the guy play, there's no shame in that:

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