Peyton could’ve grabbed more cash in Tennessee Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Giants owner John Mara says it's "ridiculous" to accuse the league of concealing evidence on the long-term effects of concussions.

And you know what? That's true.

After all, the NFL tried very hard not to ever find that information out in the first place, by having a freaking rheumatologist (Jets head doctor Elliot Pellman) head up its concussion committee, and by blackballing CTE expert Bennet Omalu and his pioneering research.

How can anyone possibly accuse the NFL of concealing information that its so-called "experts" did not have the expertise to interpret?

Surely there's a Randian explanation for all of this...


The Broncos are among 19 teams expected to attend the pro day workout of ex-Carson-Newman LB Larry Lumpkin today (according to his agent) in preparation for tomorrow's supplemental draft. Former Baylor WR Josh Gordon ran a 4.52-second forty yesterday at his pro day, and he says he was suspended from the team for a positive marijuana test.

No surprise here, but Titans owner Bud Adams was apparently willing to pay Peyton Manning $25M/year. We'll stick with the theory that Peyton had no interest in the drama inherent in facing the Colts twice annually for the rest of his career. Oh, and next time some dumbass tells you Manning came to Denver for financial reasons, there's your answer.

In his latest mailbag, Mike Klis measures Jay Cutler's maturity by singular passes he's missed. Suppose we could use the same criteria for every QB who didn't win the SB last year, including Aaron Rodgers. Two things we're sure Klis is correct about are that Ben Garland is unlikely to make the 53-man roster, and that we'll see very little of Chris Gronkowski this season, because what's a fullback good for in today's NFL? Oh, and Klis also says "Tebow can't get enough credit for the Broncos' success last season." Wanna buy a book?

At the official site, a Q&A with offensive line coach Dave Magazu, and an overview of his charges. Although it's mostly the positive, canned answers typical of these things, even Magazu struggles to find something nice to say about the play of J.D. Walton and Zane Beadles. You know, they're trying hard.

Demaryius Thomas who visited the Total Access studio to talk about Manning, says he's planning to meet Peyton out in Tennessee to work on timing, expects the offense to be "totally different," and wisely avoids handicapping the Sanchez/Tebow competition in NJ. It's kind of a tough interview to watch, because Demaryius is clearly nervous as hell.

Over at SBN's Sun Devils blog, praise for Brock Osweiler's leadership and on-field production.

Turns out Mitch Unrein's girlfriend is on the U.S. Olympic team, in Sacco's words "as a female trapshooter." You know, in case you weren't sure.

All of the early Peytonpalooza-fueled odds and lines for the Broncos this season have come in thanks to gamblers betting against them.

The Tebow-to-Thomas gamewinner against Pittsburgh has been nominated for this year's ESPY for Best Moment. 

The 17th annual Manning Passing Academy kicks off tomorrow; Syd'Quan Thompson is hosting a free football camp in Burbank, CA on Saturday; Mark Jackson and the Vance will be in Grand Junction tomorrow with the Broncos Caravan.


Despite those thieving thugz players and their soshulist union stealing money straight out of the pockets of the hard working NFL owners, not to mention the economy, the Packers' profits rose 150% in 2011 under the new CBA. Expenses were even down 4%, including guess what? Payroll!

Drew Brees reportedly will not sign his franchise tender or show up to camp if a long-term deal is not reached with the Saints by Monday's deadline.

Rusty Hardin says Adrian Peterson was "punched in the face by fists several times" by HPD officers, that Peterson didn't strike any cops, and there are witnesses to corroborate his version of events.

The Patriots installed padding underneath the playing surface of their practice facilities in order to reduce concussion risks, and they will host the Saints for practices in early August. The two teams at the center of the biggest recent NFL scandals. Isn't that special?

San Diego rookie guard Johnnie Troutman is likely to start the season on the PUP list with a torn pectoral muscle suffered while weighlifting.

Like the Chargers before them, the Colts have announced they won't be lowering their blackout threshold, since the whole thing is a joke. Here are some excerpts from letters sent to the FCC by fans asking that the blackout rules be changed (for real, not this empty gesture they've made). Meanwhile, the Bills have cut ticket prices for their annual home game in Toronto by an average of 35%.

The NFLPA is opening its own online store with licensed merchandise available for all players (not just the stars).


David Lee Roth declares in an open letter that, contrary to rumors, Van Halen has not been asked to perform at the SB. But he says they'd jump at the chance.

Yet another fine explanation of why winning in the modern NFL is all about passing the football - this time from Greg Cosell, who thinks opponents' attempts to "shorten games" against Peyton Manning was a dumb strategy.

Matt Bowen breaks down Niners FS Dashon Goldson's technique in picking off a Drew Brees pass on a zone blitz, and he explains how to play Cover 0.

Chase Stuart makes the case that DeMarcus Ware > Lawrence Taylor; Ben Muth scouts the offensive line play of the 49ers.

According to PFF's yards per route run data for tight ends, nobody has run more fruitless routes over the past three seasons than old friend Daniel Graham. As for running backs, Willis McGahee hasn't run a lot of routes, and those routes have not turned into very many yards.

Tom Brady got into surprise staring contests with some of his fans in a CVS.


Bucky Brooks thinks BMarsh will have the bigger impact in 2012, but he says Vincent Jackson is currently the better player between the two.

Chris Berman's call of Monday night's home run derby elicited the usual reaction on Twitter.

Here is Drew Magary's application to be a contestant on Food Network's reality show Chopped.

Over at Grantland, an engrossing chronicle of the early history of WFAN, the country's first all-sports radio station, which this author grew up listening to.

A collection of rare baseball cards found in an Ohio attic is anticipated to be sold for millions via auction.

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