Peterson suffered sports hernia in Week 10 Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In all honesty, I found it difficult, if not impossible, to muster any outrage at Adrian Peterson having beaten out Peyton Manning for league MVP last weekend.

Of course, I agree with TJ's point that even the worst quarterback is roughly equivalent in value to the best running back. In those terms, Peterson over Manning is similar to Miguel Cabrera over Mike Trout in MLB, and I thought that decision was ludicrous.

Perhaps it's because I'm still too busy feeling bitter about Denver's loss to Baltimore and blown opportunity at a Lombardi Trophy.

Whatever the cause, and even if you are upset about the MVP voting, there's some news regarding Peterson that casts his performance as even more incredible than we already knew.

That ADP tore up his knee on Christmas Eve 2011 yet came within eight yards of Eric Dickerson's all-time single-season rushing record is remarkable enough on its own.

Turns out Peterson suffered a sports hernia Week 10 against Detroit, and the injury required surgery to repair it.

In the seven games that followed, including the Viking's playoff loss at Green Bay, Peterson racked up a mind-boggling 1,068 rushing yards (plus 70 receiving yards), or 152.6 per game.

This still pales relative to the impact of a quarterback - even less the best one in the league - but it makes the context of Peterson's historic season even more impressive.


Considering he was without a job a few months ago, Jacob Hester naturally says he enjoyed his time with Denver. He's due to make the $715K minimum salary (for a player of his experience) in 2013, with a $100K bonus tacked on for making the 53-man roster out of camp. If the team does add another running back, figure that Ronnie Hillman is the only absolute lock to stay, while one of Hester, Willis McGahee, or Knowshon Moreno could be on their way out (ordered by the decreasing likelihood of departure in our eyes).

Chase Stuart reaffirms that basing strength-of-schedule projections upon W/L records is pointless, but by using SRS projections, he still finds the Broncos are expected to face the league's easiest slate in 2013.


The salary cap may creep up by a half-million dollars for the 2013 season; although that's a small figure, it could potentially be the difference for Denver being able to sign a player. You never know...

Tennessee named Gregg Williams a senior assistant coach after he was reinstated by the NFL, and the team will keep RB Chris Johnson and his $10M salary for 2013.

Philly's Chip Kelly is expected to hire former Browns coach Pat Shurmur to run his offense, and Billy Davis - who was Shurmur's LB coach in Cleveland - to coordinate the defense.

The Giants voided the contract of DE Osi Umenyiora, making him an unrestricted free agent, and re-signed TE Bear Pascoe and DT Shaun Rogers.

Carolina signed former Packers and Seahawks DT Colin Cole; Buffalo will let WR Donald Jones walk via free agency.

Andy Reid isn't yet offering any hints as to what he'll do about Matt Cassel, who is due a $7.5M salary but nothing guaranteed.

Retired NFLer Tony Casillas says the deer antler fuzz spray of his playing days was an anti-inflammatory ointment intended for horses.

A symposium on racial stereotypes held at the Smithsonian featured plenty of discussion of the blatantly racist nature of the Washington football team's name.


Sports on Earth's Chuck Culpepper provides a sense of what it's like to be a gay sportswriter, and tells of his recent opportunity to thank Brendon Ayanbadejo for his stellar work to battle homophobia in sports.

Gil Brandt looks back at what used to be a haphazard process of drafting prospects into the NFL.

For the first of a multiple-part series, Ben Muth analyzes the Niners' offensive line play from the Super Bowl prior to the power outage.

Brad Gagnon presents a brief wish list of new broadcast partners for Jim Nantz (replacing Phil Simms), topped by Boomer Esiason and Mike Mayock.

Tommy Tomlinson imagines the awesomeness of replacing the NFL draft with an NFL signing day.

In a mostly useless exercise and with the benefit of hindsight, Don Banks re-picks the first round of the 2012 Draft. Perhaps if the Broncos had kept their 25th pick, they'd have taken Dont'a Hightower?

Drew Magary provides his last takedown of Gregg Easterbrook until the 2013 season begins; KSK captionizes Super Bowl-related photos, plus their latest Sex/FF mailbag.

Donald Driver, who is basically Green Bay's version of our Rod Smith, paid a visit to one of his biggest fans before heading home to retirement, and it was pretty great:

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