Perrish Cox arrested on sexual assault charges

UPDATE 5:27PM ET: The latest story from the DP states that Cox was released from jail today at 2PM MT and that his bond had been $50,000 rather than the $15,000 reported earlier. The judge in his case has allowed Cox to leave the state for the Broncos' upcoming road games and also for a family event next month.

According to an AP report via CBS4, the next court hearing date for Cox is January 7.

UPDATE 12:52PM ET: LJ points out that the alleged assault took place on the day the Broncos left for London. Cox stayed behind after having suffered a concussion four days earlier in the 59-14 loss to Jokeland.


UPDATE 12:29PM ET: LJ is reporting that Cox will be released today; the bond on his case has reportedly been set at $15,000.

UPDATE 11:59AM ET: According to the DP, the police were first notified of the assault in question on October 28, and last night's arrest of Cox was the result of a "lengthy and detailed investigation". Cox is being held at the Douglas County Jail.

In case you were wondering why a football player as talented as Perrish Cox dropped all the way to the fifth round of last April's draft, perhaps today will bring some unwelcome clarity. Cox was arrested by the Lone Tree Police last night on charges of sexual assault. Obviously, we can only hope these charges are unfounded. More details to come...

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