Patriots to sign Tim Tebow

Bill Belichick apparently wasn't blowing smoke when he challenged Mike Silver's report that he hated Tim Tebow as a football player.

Turns out, he likes Tebow enough to sign him in time for the Pats' minicamp - with some reporting the intention is to use him as a quarterback.

The move will reunite Tebow with the man who drafted him in Denver, Josh McDaniels, who is in his second stint as New England's offensive coordinator.

Is he a possible successor to Tom Brady as the Pats' starting quarterback? Obviously, we don't think so.

According to Mike Freeman, Belichick & Co. agree, and plan to use him as a tight end, where many pundits have thought Tebow belonged since before Denver blew a first-round pick on the Heisman winner.

But a devastating goal-line or short-yardage threat?

That depends upon whether the Pats can control the message and the media environment enough to keep Tebow's presence from blowing up in their faces, as it did in Denver and New Jersey.

And if anyone can pull that off, it has to be Bill Belichick's tight-lipped squad - the one that apparently kept Wes Welker from being true to himself.

As noted by Gregg Rosenthal, New England is sure to be getting Tebow signed without a guarantee. After all, the Jets already paid him his 2013 salary, and there hasn't exactly been a big market for his services, at least outside the CFL and AFL.

New England will host the Jets on Thursday Night Football in Week 2, visit them in Week 7, and host the Broncos in Week 12 on Sunday Night Football.

So, the Pats get to take a three-day looksie at the NFL's most controversial player, and if they like what they see - and don't mind the media swarm that's sure to arrive tonight - they can keep him around longer.

If not, they can just as quickly move on without him, with nothing lost.


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