Patriots reportedly miffed at Gronk’s absense

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Let's kick things off with a note from Doc:

In conjunction with their recent Frontline documentary on the NFL and head injuries, PBS has posted a concussion tracker. It claims to track NFL concussions by position and has links to each week's cranial injuries:

More than a decade ago, the sports equipment manufacturer Riddell was developing a highly anticipated new football helmet designed to reduce players’ risk of concussions. The helmet was ambitiously called the Revolution. It would become the most widely used helmet in the NFL and earn millions in sales to players in college, high school and youth leagues.

But back in 2000 the company received a warning: A biomechanics firm hired first by the NFL and later by Riddell to test helmets and study head injuries sent the company a report showing that no football helmet, no matter how revolutionary, could prevent concussions.

In fact, the report stated, even a helmet that passed the industry safety standard for protection against skull fractures and other severe head injuries could leave a player with a 95 percent likelihood of receiving a concussion from a strong enough blow.

It's great to see someone tracking the listed concussions by team, name and positions, as well as exposing some of the concerns with these injuries. Some positions, such as the offensive linemen, develop as a long series of smaller impacts that, over time, create CTE. That's not traceable right now.

And, since this is just starting, it is a smaller than optimal sample size, since we know that some players are still trying to avoid being tested during games. They just see their paycheck on the line.

But it is a start, and a good one.

- Doc


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According to Ed Werder, there's some resentment growing in the Patriots locker room as Rob Gronkowski continues to practice but not play; James Andrews and one other doctor have reportedly not cleared him for game action.

The NFLPA believes that noted dickhead Greg Schiano was behind the leak of former Bucs QB Josh Freeman's presence in the league's drug-testing program, and of course, the union doesn't trust that the NFL will properly investigate these allegations.

Cleveland QB Brian Hoyer and Kansas City TE Travis Kelce were placed on IR.

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (death of son), Jets CB Antonio Cromartie (knee), and Bucs CB Johnthan Banks (MRSA infection) are expected to play, while Eagles QB Michael Vick (hamstring) is not.


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