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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The real details are already starting to come in on Ryan Clady's new five-year, $52.5M contract.

As expected, the reported guarantee of $33M is not actually fully guaranteed; rather, Mike Klis says that only part of it is fully guaranteed, and part of it is guaranteed only for injury.

What does that mean? The numbers haven't been reported yet, so we'll use the guesstimate set forth by Over the Cap's Jason Fitzgerald, who thinks Clady probably got around $15M in full guarantees for 2013, while the other (vesting) guarantees cover his 2014 and 2015 salaries.

If those salaries are only covered for injury, that means if Clady were to suffer a career-ending injury, the Broncos would not be able to avoid paying out his 2014 or 2015 figures.

However, if Clady's play were to drop off precipitously, or if the Broncos were to miraculously learn that 2013 draftee Vinston Painter is a diamond in the rough, the team would be able to cut Clady during the early part of the 2014 or 2015 league years, with no cash implications.

Obviously, nobody expects any of those things occur, but vesting guarantees are why Elvis Dumervil is in Baltimore this season, and not in Denver.

Chances are remote that Ryan Clady won't be the Broncos' property in a year or two from now, but it's not an impossibility.

The team will be paying Clady a lot of money, and yes, that has cap implications, but they're not taking a big financial risk as far as his performance level goes.

As for the All-Pro incentives, here's how they work, according to Albert Breer:

  • After Clady's next All-Pro selection, he will earn an extra $500K per year over the balance of his five-year deal.
  • If he's named an All-Pro again after that, the escalator will rise to $1.5M per season.
  • The total value of these escalators maxes out at $5M over the life of the deal, because if he's named an All-Pro in 2013, he'll get an extra $500K in 2014. If he earns the honor again in 2014, then his 2015, 2016, and 2017 salaries will increase by $1.5M, for a total of $5M.


If you're interested in comparing Clady's deal to those of the other top tackles, like Cleveland's Joe Thomas, there are several factors to consider, as Fitzgerald notes.

According to Albert Breer, the Broncos organization could face a fine from the league for the multiple DUI arrests within the front office.

Wes Welker says the biggest change for him in coming to Denver is learning different terminology, and he says the commonality between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning starts with their work ethics and the accountability they demand of their teammates.

Frank Schwab admits he was a bit skeptical (so was I) about the team's hiring of John Elway to run the football operation, but he's impressed by what the Duke has accomplished.


Here are our key takeaways from Peter King's first post-vacation MMQB column:

  • Archie Manning told Johnny Manziel to pack up his stuff and leave after the Heisman winner missed a coaching session at the Manning Passing Academy on Saturday, apparently because he was hung over. King believes this episode will affect Johnny Football's NFL draft stock.
  • Without Scott Pioli in the building, Bill Belichick lacks a strong voice in New England to challenge him on personnel decisions like the drafting of Aaron Hernandez.
  • Expect the Broncos to heavily fine and suspend Matt Russell and Tom Heckert, but not to fire either one of them.
  • When pondering NFL arrest statistics, don't forget that for several months each year, rosters include 90 players, not 53.
  • King is kicking off his new football-only site next week


With Clady signed, there remain seven franchise-tagged players who can be signed to long-term deals by their teams today by 4pm ET. No other deals are expected, with Colts P Pat McAfee and Bills S Jairus Byrd not expected to meet with their respective teams today.

Quarterback Sage Rosenfels is retiring after 10 seasons with the Dolphins, Texans, Vikings, and Giants.

A photo depicting accused murderer Aaron Hernandez has been removed from a display at the HOF after complaints were lodged. Sadly, Carlos Ortiz, who appears to be the prosecution's star witness in the Odin Lloyd case, has been labeled a "rat" in his hometown for having "snitched" on Hernandez.

The circus apparently hasn't quite left New Jersey, as the LOLJets are putting out word that they may have QB Geno Smith reprise the role of the Ultimate Teammate™, although that presumably doesn't mean he'll be a punt protector.


Neil Hornsby takes a crack at the Raiders and Eagles starting lineups; the Shutdown Corner guys go over the Dolphins' on-field and caponomic outlooks; Jason Fitzgerald calls Justin Tuck's and Corey Webster's deals the Giants' best and worst, respectively.

With the digital release of FO's annual publication today, Mike Tanier offers up a terrific primer on how to interpret football statistics; Rule Nine is our favorite.

Chase Stuart studies Eli Manning's stats and finds that any differences between his 2011 and 2012 campaigns appear to have been spurred by factors largely outside of his control.

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