Paige: It’s Super Bowl win or bust for John Fox

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Is John Fox coaching for his job? Woody Paige says he is.

According to Paige, it's Super Bowl or bust for Fox:

John Fox is coaching for his job. If the Broncos don't reach, and win, the Super Bowl this year, Fox will be gone.

It's Woody's style to frame everything as a declaration rather than a prediction, so perhaps we should assume he's just providing an educated guess of sorts...

His teams have lost four of five times to the Patriots (even though he said last Sunday he wasn't there last season), and he and his staff have been outcoached in five big games. 

Of course, he's right.

Every time the Fox-led Broncos lose big games, mistakes, poor preparation, and getting outschemed seem to be the causes.

Denver doesn't really ever face teams with more talent than them.

But who would replace Foxy?

Does it make sense to fire him and elevate one of the lieutenants who helped him fail? If not, then that would eliminate Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio.

Is John Elway going to hire someone just fresh off their own firing? Of course not.

A college coach? Not with a Super Bowl overdog.

That would appear to leave experienced NFL coaches who currently do not have head gigs, and the league's top coordinators.

Todd Bowles? Pep Hamilton? Kyle Shanahan? (Just kidding, of course)

Maybe the Broncos lose another Super Bowl, but Fox isn't really to blame.

Obviously, we'll all hope it doesn't come down to that, but something to keep in the back of our minds as the season progresses.


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