OTC: Broncos currently have $6.54M in cap space

According to OTC's latest updates, Denver has $6.539M in cap space, thanks to having carried over a chunk from 2013.

Only nine teams have less dead money on their caps than Denver does ($7.046M).

Looking ahead to 2015, the Broncos have $28.8M in space under a theoretical $140M cap.

But given the latest DirecTV deal, $140M appears a very conservative figure.

A good portion of Denver's cap space next offseason will be going to pending unrestricted free agents Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Chris Harris, provided they decide to keep them.

Terrance Knighton, Orlando Franklin, and Rahim Moore are also set to hit the market.

Thanks to the work of John Elway and Mike Sullivan, the Broncos remain in stellar cap health, and will have the room to retain any and all of the above players they choose to.

Of course, the chances that any team re-signs (what appear at the moment) their six most important free agents is probably quite slim.

Reality is that at least one or two of those players figures to leave for richer pastures.

But it won't be because of cap restraints.

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