Open Thread - Peyton Manning introductory presser

Watch the official site's video of the presser from earlier today

2:38 pm Via Albert Breer, a photo of Manning's new Broncos jersey. #18, in orange.

2:57 pm Here's a better shot of the jersey via Andrew Mason

3:05 pm  First thought of the day:  do they make Xanders sit at the little kids' table?

3:14 pm So, how are they going to avoid Tebow? Someone is bound to ask, right? Avoiding Tebow in this presser is like trying to avoid germs at a pre-school.

3:18 pm Arnie says the Tebow pics have already been zonked from Dove Valley. Sacco as the Wolf from Pulp Fiction?

3:22 pm What's with the sound quality? Man, they really were cutting corners at DV huh? Sounds like an old baseball sound clip.

3:22 pm

3:23 pm What are the chances Elway or Manning drops to a knee during this thing?

3:27 pm Comfort is as key to Peyton as has been written, judging by how many times he used the word

3:29 pm Tripucka should get a game ball

3:30 pm Fox may not know when to go for it on 4th down, but his relationship with Manning was crucial here.

3:33 pm Looks like Manning doesn't expect the sun, moon, and stars--just some Broncos gear to get comfortable.

3:33 pm So far so good, not one mention of Tebow or Jesus.

3:35 pm Not to be all fanboy-like or anything, but this is just surreal

3:36 pm "Timetables are for sissies.  I want snaps."

3:37 pm If Tebow is here, Manning will be the best teammate he can be.  Sorry, Tebow haters, you can't blame Peyton.

3:38 pm Elvis blows up QBs...and their phones.

3:39 pm Personnel is not Manning's department.  But he'll still drive the forklift through the warehouse, don't kid yourself.

3:40 pm What a world; one of the GOATs is apologizing for taking 12 days to make a decision about where to go after spending 14 years with one team.

3:44 pm Manning says he could play today, if not up to his standards. He'd probably still be better than 75% of the starting QBs in this league.

3:47 pm Hey new guy: cut that meat!

3:49 pm They can bait this guy all they want with the Tebow stuff.  He won't bite.

3:50 pm Wants to retire as a Bronco. Sounds good to us.

3:51 pm Think Elway will be asked if he's keeping Tebow? Nah, probably not.

3:53 pm Elway wasn't going to give away half the organization. That's probably 50% true.

3:57 pm We're going through that process now.  Translation: we've got a deal on the table.

3:58 pm "This is a tough business."  Understatement of the year.

4:00 pm The way Elway is talking, I don't doubt that he thinks Peyton can play for another 4 to 5 years.

4:01 pm Surprising that it was Fox who made the initial call to Manning, not Elway. Fox: silent but deadly.

4:05 pm John Elway, best liar ever!

4:07 pm Elway is pointing out that Tebow is no more special than other guys trying to make rosters each year. They have feelings, too.

4:11 pm Elway asked if Manning is better than him all time--one thing is for sure: both are better than Dan Marino.

4:13 pm He wants to put Tebow in the best situation possible--does that mean Jacksonville?

4:14 pm Some reporter is asking about what Plan B for Denver was, but who gives a damn?! This isn't a what would happen comic.

4:23 pm The fact that this presser was dominated with questions about Tim Tebow only confirms why they need to trade Tim Tebow.

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