Open Thread: 2011 Draft first round

Good Evening, Broncos fans! It's finally time to get the 2011 Draft under way; enjoy it!

The player visits/workouts list has been updated, find it here.

TJ - The stream is up on the Broncos’ site now. Isn't that dangerous, guys?  Look, you can almost see their board if you zoom in. Seriously, look, I can almost see their notes.

Doug - What, you don't trust that your savant Xanders thought of that?

Doc - I hope they did, Doug. My only worry with Miller, who I love, is that we still are too weak up the middle. Top DTs matter. So do top LBs, though...

TJ - Doc, I just hope one of those DT's is around in the 2nd...that worries me. There could be a run on them at the end of the first.

Doc - I agree - I'm worried about round 2, especially with the RT need.

TJ - And imagine if they go OLB, then RB or OT. You are getting very risky - maybe Stephen Paea lasts that far.....maybe.

Doc - Yes, Teej, very risky. I've seen options where Paea and Austin are gone by our early pick in the 2nd. Jurrell Casey is an option that you don't hear that much. Ted mentioned him today, but I watched him all season - USC, and all you get here are West Coast colleges. He's more of a solid guy than a star, but he's talented and mostly under the radar.

TJ - If you are going to go long on DT I suppose Drake Nevis in the 3rd round.

Doc - Yes, he's small, but could bulk up for undertackle. Tough, tough guy.

Doug - I'm still hoping for a trade down - trade down and nab Fairley.

TJ - Me too. I want extra picks and 2 DTs. Miller, haha, he's the only one wearing the mesh trucker hat!

Ted - I'm glad Miller seems to be the guy, if Fairley isn't.  I like the logic of taking advantage of DT in the second.

TJ - Taylor hasn't missed many meals...

Ted - No, that dinner bell rang loud at his mama's house

TJ - Nice ploy, Rog - use the tornadoes.

Ted - Here he goes with a serious moment to abate the heckling.

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