Only Six Picks Lard 12-22-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! While you're finishing your shopping, I'm getting all worked up about stupid media narratives. The latest? That the Broncos only have six draft picks in 2011, because Joseph Stalin Josh McDaniels is a terrible person and an even worse handler of draft choices. Plus, he wasted all those picks on the guy that everyone now thinks is going to save humanity the franchise from what was a few days ago impending doom. Let's take a quick peek at the 2010 Draft, shall we? Denver entered the selection party with 7 choices, including one 1st-rounder, two 2nd-rounders, a third and so on. Thanks to Brian Xanders and McDaniels' deft movement down and up the draft board (really, it was brilliant - don't let anyone tell you otherwise), Denver ended up with two 1st-rounders, a 2nd-rounder and two 3rd-rounders without giving up any other choices.

So, the Broncos started out with four choices in the first three rounds, and they ended up with five choices. According to the draft chart that Jimmy Johnson pulled out of his ass everyone goes by, the Broncos went from 2,360 points down to 2,295 points, a slippage of 65 points (one mid-4th-rounder). Football Outsiders' draft chart, which uses real actual data to assign values to each pick, says the Broncos went from 6,565 points up to 7,560 points, a gain of 995 points (a high 3rd-rounder). Call me crazy, but ending up with two 1st-rounders and one 2nd-rounder is a heck of a lot better than the one 1st-rounder and two 2nd-rounders Denver had started out with. Oh, and and extra third-rounder to boot? Why yes, thank you much.

Dizzy yet? Denver ended up selecting nine players in the 2010 Draft, and despite McDaniels obviously being a moron, the Broncos now have said savior of humanity perhaps a QB of the future, two excellent WR prospects (both of whom are very good KRs), two starters on the O-Line, a promising CB (Syd'Quan Thompson) and a formerly-promising CB who is now instead an accused rapist. I can't tell you a thing about Eric Olsen, and Jammie Kirlew is gone. I dunno, looks like a pretty good haul to me.

Now, despite the Broncos only having six picks entering the 2011 Draft (one fewer than they had last year), Denver again starts out with one 1st-rounder, two 2nd-rounders and one 3rd-rounder. Their own choices will likely be in the top 2 of every round, and if we make the wild leap that Brian Xanders remembers how to maneuver around the draft board, the Broncos could end up with an even better collection of picks than they did last year. Well, if they can ever pick up the shattered pieces Josh McDaniels left them with...


Here's the weekly spinfest press release from the Broncos' PR folks.

Bucky Brooks likes what he saw out of Tim Tebow on Sunday. He also praises the coaching staff for easing Tebow into his new role unlike the local yokels who wanted to see him drop back 50 times and take 15 sacks in his first career start.

Matt Bowen says the same, and that the Broncos should push Tebow over the next couple weeks.

Klis (one of said yokels) responds to questions from other yokels about why Tebow didn't chuck it 50 times on Sunday. He also says to forget Cowher and Gruden, and oh - it was ZOMG McDaniels' fault that Elvis Dumervil and Ryan Harris got hurt last summer! Finally, Klis thinks the front office will be run by Xanders and John Elway, with Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis selecting the next head coach.

Klis on the Broncos' draft possibilities.

Somewhere in Woody's column he says the Broncos are negotiating a contract with Elway.

Notes from Legwold, who also tries to paint a sunny picture with some odd examples (Studesville, really?).

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Kevin Alexander pleaded not guilty to beating up his girlfriend.

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Meanwhile, the Dolts have added LB Brandon Moore.

The Dolts signed P Danny Baugher in case Shane Lechler can't go.

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Tony Romo, T.O., the Skins' DE Phillip Daniels, and the Browns' Scott Fujita and Eric Wright were all placed on IR.

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If you've finished your Christmas shopping and are thinking already about next year's, Ryan Leaf has THREE books coming out.

Umm, it appears as if Rex Ryan and his wife made a foot fetish video. I just threw up. Not just in my mouth, but everywhere.

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