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Good Morning, Broncos fans. Champ Bailey, Andre’ Goodman and Wesley Woodyard all missed practice yesterday with injuries. Meanwhile, Ryan Harris, Chris Kuper, Laurence Maroney and Darcel McBath all returned to practice in limited fashion; all four had been out of action for some time, so this is a big development for the Broncos. Considering how important it will be to both possess the ball and put up points on Sunday versus Peyton & Company, potentially getting the starting offensive line intact couldn’t come at a better time. Plus, Denver added LB Diyral Briggs to the practice squad. Briggs was an undrafted rookie last year for the 49ers, who waived him two weeks ago. The Broncos are holding a memorial for Kenny McKinley tomorrow. He will be buried Friday in Georgia.

RIP Kenny McKinley

DP - The Broncos are holding a private memorial to honor McKinley tomorrow.

NFL - More on McKinley from the AP.

Woody Paige looks back at his own suicidal thoughts in relating to what McKinley had been going through before his death. Andrew Mason does the same over at MaxDenver.

DP - Legwold details what the Broncos are doing to ensure their players’ mental health.


DB - Coach McDaniels has seen the Colts up close at least once in each of the past seven seasons, and has the Broncos practicing a bit differently than normal to deal with the faster pace they’‘ll face with Peyton Manning and Dwight Freeney.

DP - More on dealing with Manning from Legwold.

DP - Are Cutler Tebow Broncos fans coming around on Kyle Orton?

DP - Legwold responds to a question about the roles of Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas.

DP - Woody answers questions about McDaniels, Moreno and Orton.


Mike Silver thinks egomaniac AJ Smith has made another blunder in choosing not to trade WR Vincent Jackson by yesterday’s deadline.

Jokeland’s supposed QB savior Jason Campbell was replaced yesterday in the starting lineup by Bruce Gradkowski.

DP - Aren’t you glad the Broncos didn’t trade for him last year?

Cam Inman thinks Hue Jackson will eventually take Tom Cable’s job in Jokeland.

Todd Haley says there’s room in the backfield for both Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

Other Stuff

Charlie Batch will be starting at QB for the Steelers this week.

Bucs safety Tenard Jackson was suspended for the season by the NFL for substance abuse.

Matt Bowen peeks at the QB carousel in full motion.

Chase Stuart of PFR looks at some stats through two weeks; the Broncos rank third in the all-important net yards per attempt (NY/A) and points out that both Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler are thriving on their respective teams.

Luis DeLoureiro is also quite impressed by Cutler’s performance thus far.

The NFL’s effort to mic up centers for the TV audience has been scrapped due to resistance from players, coaches and the NFLPA. At issue are not only the secrets being shared by these microphones but also impending lockout.

Mike Silver has Denver moving up to #22 in his weekly list. Plus, some insight into the Andy Reid/Michael Vick relationship.

Over at PFR, you can now search for any game score your heart desires. Pretty neat.

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