O-Line finally intact? Lard 9-30-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I hope you’re doing well. Andre’ Goodman and Ryan Harris both practiced yesterday, albeit in limited fashion. Brian Dawkins, Knowshon Moreno, Wesley Woodyard and Spencer Larsen all missed practice. Brandon Lloyd missed practice as well, but not due to injury. Demaryius Thomas, who had an injury scare on the last offensive play versus the Colts, practiced and was not listed on the injury report.


DB - Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton spoke at their weekly Wednesday pressers; here are the videos.

DP - Orton says there’s no reason to panic in regards to Denver’s red-zone and third-down failures against Indy. I’d have to agree - they’re not going to be efficient every week, and against Seattle they certainly got it done. It’s a bit early to be diagnosing a major problem based upon two losses in three games.

DP - McDaniels said Eddie Royal will be taking on more of the PR duties after Perrish Cox’s crucial muff on Sunday. Cox will still be returning kickoffs, however. Meanwhile, Trevor Pryce was released by the Ravens, but it is expected to be a temporary move to create roster space, and McDaniels said the Broncos are happy with their DL rotation.

DP - Visitors to Tennessee rack up plenty of false-start penalties, which raises the importance of Ryan Harris getting comfortable quickly, if he is indeed returning.

DP - Klis milks that WR trivia for another article; plus, he tries to come up with a nickname for the WRs. A bit early for that, no?

MD - Andrew Mason looks at the Titans’ emphasis on the running game, something the Broncos will face for the next three weeks (at Baltimore and versus the Jets).

DP - Woody responds to a question about Tim Tebow and Peyton Hillis. Obviously, neither the reader nor Woodrow read Ted’s column yesterday; one of the reasons Hillis is in Cleveland, according to Paige? Hillis is a Shanahan guy. Yes, Shanny loved him so much that Hillis didn’t get to play until there were 6 RBs on IR…

DP - Thankfully, Legwold brings some actual reason to the table in the Tebow/short yardage conversation.

DP - LS Lonie Paxton hosted a charity clay-shooting event on Tuesday.

T - CB Alterraun Verner, a 2010 fourth-round pick will be making his first NFL start Sunday in place of the injured Jason McCourty.

T - Vince Young is facing questions this week about his preparation for the Titans’ Week 2 game versus Pittsburgh. Apparently he had missed some meetings that week…


Why not give Darren Sproles the ball more? After all, the Dolts are paying him mucho dinero without having him locked up beyond this season.

The Dolts have health issues galore at offensive guard.

Naturally, the Raiders think stats are dumb. Just like their fans…

Kent Babb explains how the Chefs’ growing pains of 2009 have led to their 3-0 start this year.


The NFL presented the NFLPA with the first detailed proposal regarding a move to an 18-game schedule. Andy Benoit explains why this is a terrible idea.

Andrew Brandt recaps the recent developments on the CBA front.

Brian Burke’s team efficiency ratings currently rank the Broncos 11th in the league. Not surprisingly, this is mostly due to the strength of their passing offense and defense.

Meanwhile, Burke’s win probabilities give the Broncos a fighting chance in Tennessee.

Kyle Orton ranks fourth in the league in ANY/A (average net yards per attempt), which has the highest correlation to winning of any NFL statistic.

Luis Deloureiro tries to assign a value in points to defensive takeaways, an important consideration that is ignored when ranking teams by yards allowed.

The Broncos crept up to #20 in Mike Silver’s weekly rankings. Plus, he thinks LDT is back.

Dave Goldberg includes The Crypt Keeper among his list of the worst coaches in the NFL. Actually, he places Al at the very bottom…

Matt Bowen explains how a player like Devin Hester alters an opponent’s preparation.

FO compares the different end-of-game situations the Packers and Dolphins faced last week in deciding whether to let their opponents score.

Doug Farrar examines a few up-and-coming cornerbacks.

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